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Feel so bad; like dying.

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toptramp Sun 28-Oct-12 00:25:51

Someone who I thought was the love of my life stood me up. Would post in relationships but they all call me desperate over there so just wanted hand holding. If it wasn't forr dd I would go happily.

AgnesBligg Sun 28-Oct-12 00:32:41

well how shit of this LOYL to stand you up. Please believe me, he/she is certainly not worth curtailing your life for.

Keep going, for dd, for YOU. You don't know yet what is around the corner. Wonderful happy making things for you and dd.

I'm sorry you feel so sad HUG..

AnnieLobeseder Sun 28-Oct-12 00:34:44

I'm sorry you feel that way, but really? You want to end your life because of a man? What's so super-amazing about him that you need to draw your self-worth from him or judge the value of you life in terms of his presence or absence in it? He's just a person, same as you.

I hope you can learn to value yourself. Men come and go, what they think of you is meaningless. Please seek professional help, you need it.

toptramp Sun 28-Oct-12 02:14:00

I am not suicidal any more but still gutted. I think I just got my hopes up and we really got on, only for my hopes to be dashed...again.

toptramp Sun 28-Oct-12 02:15:12

He stood me up as he missed a flight and then realised the distance was too much. He is probably right but still. He made such a big deal about coming to visit me.

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