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YommyMommy Fri 26-Oct-12 14:25:29

I can only handle positive stories right now please smile

I have started on 10mg today for anxiety and depression. I'm do relived to b getting some help and looking forward to feeling like myself...I know it won't work over night but would love to hear success stories!

X x

YommyMommy Thu 06-Dec-12 10:30:10

Possible ice skating if it's not too busy, but I won't do the big wheel! Don't like heights confusedlol!

How did you get on at WI last night?? Are you going dancing tonight? X x

CuriousMama Thu 06-Dec-12 14:31:41

I've done the big wheel with a friend who was scared of heights and she was going mental! Especially when it stopped at the top and was swinging. Two girls were in with us, probably in their 20s, and were messing around. Friend didn't take to kindly to this and it took the fun out of it a bit. She was having a panic attack though but still was a shame.

I didn't go to the WI as was waiting for dp and dsd to come over. I rang them and said if it was too risky (weather-wise) then to take her to her mums. Dsd is almost 26 so I just said ask her what she thinks? Dp was very tired too and ended up nodding off in her mums. He gets on well with his exdw so she didn't mind smile So sadly I didn't see her but we're going to skype. DS2 will love that.

I'm not dancing tonight as dp's working,he's off Saturday and Sunday night but we'll probably stay in? What plans do you have?

I hope everyone else is doing well and staying safe on the ice? I've just been out with pooch and it's treacherous.

KinkyDoritoWithJingleBellsOn Fri 07-Dec-12 09:49:05

Head feels like it is full of fluff today. I was really starting to settle down, but I've been in a bit of a funk over the past couple of days and I feel very tired and out of it.

Do the people further on still get like this?

Curious I hope everything is settled and okay with exmil. Sending love to your family.

YommyMommy Fri 07-Dec-12 10:10:45

Morning kinky,

Sorry ur having a crappy day hmm I felt a bit off Wednesday and Thursday, but back on track today grin my CPN told me not to expect to just keep feeling better every day you will feel up and down!

Hope it improves as day goes on...big hugs!!

Morning all other lovely ladies! X x

CuriousMama Fri 07-Dec-12 14:10:19

Afternoon all,

Kinky you can have days like that. Where are you in relation to your period? I find hormones affect me. Are you eating ok? Energy boosting snacks may help? Doing Yoga or some form of exercise helps too imo.

Glad you're back on track YM.

I'm ok today. Had porridge for breakfast that always gives me a good start. Plus it fills me up and I don't snack. Hope to lose 2 stone in weight by next spring. But it's not a priority.

Have a great Friday everyone. Hope you feel better soon Kinky.

Arcadia Fri 07-Dec-12 17:15:03

Hi all I have had a rubbish day and a rubbish week, really. Work has been horrible due to work politics which I am trying to stay out of but people keep bitching about each other to me whatever I do, and feels like it is all going to kick off before Christmas. Was looking forward to my day with DD today but she has been in the most terrible mood and tantruming and crying about EVERYTHING - whingeyist child ever today!
Also I had my first bad nights sleep since being on the pills last night sad had hideous nightmares when I did sleep and woke up feeling really worn down and vulnerable.
Had thought that I was going to be 'cured' so a bit unrealistic, maybe I'll recover quicker this time.
Not really looking forward to the weekend as hard to keep finding things to do over winter.
Also having disagreements over Christmas plans as DP doesn't want to spend much time with my family which is difficult, and to be fair they have really pissed me off the last two years so he is being protective rather than just difficult!
DP not home til after six on a Friday and DD just fell asleep in her buggy so on top of everything else will have trouble getting her down to bed tonight, as I Cannot wake her!

Oh well just needed my whinge. Sorry.

Sorry you've had a bad couple of days too kinky but I suppose we need to expect some ups and downs, like yommymommy was told.

Hope all is well with your family curious.

Have a good weekend everyone!

CuriousMama Fri 07-Dec-12 18:19:35

Oh dear Arcadia sorry to hear this. Work stress is awful. I heard a good word today, bolotics grin About sums it up. A friend said it about some organisation we both know, has stupid people running it. All bolotics. Is there anyone in charge you can go to? Sounds like they could do with some mediation?

I'd just do what feels right for Christmas. Not what anyone else thinks is right. You, your dp and your dcs are your family now.

I'm waiting to hear about MIL, can't get in touch with exdh? He could be just busy though? He's supposed to be picking boys up tonight?

Take care chat soon.

Arcadia Fri 07-Dec-12 20:14:19

Thanks curious, have thought about going to management but could backfire, not sure how much to trust them. Will see what happens next week. The good thing is, I love my actual job - when people leave me alone do I can get down to it! I am lucky to have a job that I enjoy so much (and to work three days a week!).

Like bolotics, think I will drop into conversation grin

Re christmas I think we will see how one day with them goes and then we can decide from there.

Feeling a bit better now DD in bed and DP is making my dinner.

Hope you get an update re your MIL. So you will be in for a nice peaceful weekend then if the boys are going away?

YommyMommy Fri 07-Dec-12 21:00:32

Hi ladies,

Sorry to hear about ur work situation Arcadia...i've always worked in a male dominated environment so there is no where near as much bitching smile men just tell each other to their faces grin much more fun, lol!

Funny about ur DD as my youngest DS has also had a very moany day today...he is often just worn out come Friday with being at nursery all week.

Curious did exh come for the boys?

I've had a nice day today. Was out shopping all day with my mum n got a few more Christmas pieces grin then took my boys swimming. DS1 had karate between 6.70 n 7.30 then home n organised for bed. DH has gone out with some friends for a drink so tv and bed to myself until he rolls in drunks n snores all night shock

Hope you are all having a nice night x x

CuriousMama Sat 08-Dec-12 00:45:46

Arcadia could you send them an anonymous note? Post it from out of work? Say you work there but you are afraid of the consequences?
Am glad your dh cooked for you smile

YM exdh didn't come tonight as he said he'll be at hospital most of tomorrow. I told ds2 how bad it is and he was so upset sad

I've just booked a night in Durham for dp and I in January. One of those £29 premier inn nights. We did this the other month and it was lovely, had the breakfast there too which was lush. Met a lovely drunk near the market place who told dp to marry me grin No idea why he said it?
Anyway it's something to look forward to. Dp loves going too.

chat soon.

Arcadia Sat 08-Dec-12 14:43:45

Hello all. Hope your DH didn't disturb you too much, yommymommy, mine does exactly the same!

Curious good to have something to look forward to in January. We leave dd with her grandparents once very few months and DP and I have a 'romantic' weekend away, nearest nice place for us is the Cotswolds so prices are shock!

I did think about some kind if anonymous note, curious but I would be too identifiable because we are a small department. Funny what you said about working with men yommymommy because we are mainly women in our department but the problems are actually being caused by the man in our department ... Who is very 'in favour' with our female boss, shall we say.

Oh well it is the weekend and all fine so far! I had a nice lie and and quiet morning as DP took DD out. DD sleeping now, because we are going into town for an early dinner then a carol service this evening, then I am going on to the pub for friends' birthday and DP bring DD back home to bed, so should be good evening. Will miss the killing tho! sad

Not sure whether these pills are really working or not. I am feeling a bit less cynical and a bit brighter, but feel quite anxious today, and my underlying anxious feeling doesn't seem to have shifted. I thought I would feel steadily better but after an initial 'lift' I seem to have flattened out hmm

Back to the GP on Tuesday so will be interesting to see what she says.

Have a good weekend everyone!

CuriousMama Sat 08-Dec-12 22:30:42

Have a great night Arcadia it's good to catch up with friends smile

Arcadia Sun 09-Dec-12 20:29:19

Sorry, feel like I've killed this thread! How were people's weekends?

YommyMommy Sun 09-Dec-12 20:37:37

Don't b silly kinda goes quiet at at the weekends...I hope that's because everyone is out having fun grin

How was ur night out with friends? How have you been feeling?

I've had a great weekend, it's been so busy and I'm shattered today, but that's life! We went to Edinburgh n see the markets n had boys to the fair. It's was nice, but very very busy. Had to watch boys like a hawk as the could have gotten lost in a second. I even enjoyed a few glasses of red once back at my sister grin

Today I have put up my tree and watched Elf. We bought a real tree at the garden centre this morning and it's really beautiful...I love it! I had the girl pull out every tree until I decided on the second one she pulled out, lol! I'm glad I did as its perfect smile

Back to the grind tomorrow hmm it's a thought, but I have two weeks off over Christmas so it's not too far off grin

How has ur weekend been curious? Is ur tree up?

Hi to anyone else lurking smile x x

CuriousMama Sun 09-Dec-12 22:23:20

Evening all,
Tree isn't up yet but it's bought. Dp and I will put it up in the morning once we're back from shopping. I've got Christmas gifts to pick up and food shop to do.

I managed to finish a painting today to put in my bathroom. I had a sea scene in and fancied a moonlight scene. It's on my profile under my photos if you want to see? It's on a large canvas and it's acrylics.

Exmil's managing to eat a bit but they said she won't leave her bed now. And are putting her on the end of life pathway midweek. DS1 is going tomorrow night for a visit, I'll stay home with ds2.

Glad to hear Edinburgh was good YM. Hope your night was Arcadia?

SecondhandRose Mon 10-Dec-12 10:01:38

Hi all, been trying to support someone else on another thread. Sad reading and I hope she gets some help. Click on my profile to find it and please post there too if you can offer any words of support.

I am OK today, just had a ridiculous conversation with my mother. She was telling me that her friends 50 year old daughter is taking AD's. I told her you do know I take them too dont you?! Oh really she said. Are you taking them now? Yes I thought you are (yeah right, she has no idea what so effing ever).

MissPricklePants Mon 10-Dec-12 10:56:36

Bad week last week, lots of negative thoughts and feeling miserable exactly like I did before starting Citalopram. Only thing different was my period so putting it down to that, feeling a little better but me and dd are not well so thats not helping!eurgh!!

YommyMommy Mon 10-Dec-12 12:38:49

Hi Misspicklepants,

Sorry to hear you are having a bad week, but I think periods def dont help and neither will being ill sad What dose are you on?? If you are still feeling the same in a few days go back to GP and speak to them.

hey Second, I had a wee look at the threads you have been posting on. Which one was it you were wanting us to have a look at?? confused

Curious I am really sorry to hear about exmil, hopefully she'll be at peace soon and not suffering too long. I dont mean that to sound horrible, but its not nice to watch people you care for suffering sad Did you manage to get for your shopping this morning??

Arcadia, i hope work is going okay today and there isnt too much trouble.

I'm having another good day. I'm almost scared to say when I having good days incase I jinx myself...does that just sound plain daft?? blush The weather is glourious for us today...massive blue skys and not too cold! I am taking boys to panto tonight. Its a family affair with about 10 of us going so should be a good night.

Hope everyone is well x x

YommyMommy Mon 10-Dec-12 13:23:41

I have eaten so much crap today and it's not ever mid afternoon yet...oink oink winkit's a Christmas thing...right???? grin x x

MissPricklePants Mon 10-Dec-12 16:39:55

I'm on 20mg, will see how I feel by the end of the week and if no improvement I will ask for the dosage altering.

CuriousMama Mon 10-Dec-12 18:36:08

Hi all
Sorry to hear you've not been too good MPP, hope the Gp can help? Hope you and your dd are better soon too x

Exmil is rallying!! She' eating what exdh's taking in and is more chatty smile so both boys are visiting tonight. We thought she was too ill for ds2 to go as he'd end up in tears but she's doing better. Amazing. They still say she won't leave hospital but would be great if she can make her 90th birthday on NYE. She really wanted to make it to then.

I've had a decent day got to the shops and picked up a dress which was only £8 reduced from £20. It's for a masquerade ball. It's animal print and quite light so good to dance in, we do salsa jive so need room to manoeuvre wink I've got the mask too, black and white with feathers on. We're out this Saturday with some friends to a comedy club so looking forward to that, it's a good night usually. Plus going for an Indian meal first so looking forward to that.

I'll have a look at the thread SHR.

CuriousMama Mon 10-Dec-12 18:54:04

Had a look SecondhandRose and nothing I could add to help tbh. I hope she gets the help she needs as it sounds like she's in desperate need sad

YommyMommy Tue 11-Dec-12 19:29:14

Hi lovelies,

How is everyone? I'm having a bit of an off day today in that i've been feeling anxious, but not really sure why. Feeling better now that I'm home with the family smile

Think I'm in for a bit of the cold. Some mouth/throat etc. hope it doesn't come to much. I'm planning an early night with Heston at 9 wink

Hope everyone else is well x x

CuriousMama Tue 11-Dec-12 20:19:04

hiya I'm not too bad thanks.

Tree's up and decorated by ds2 <will tweak when he's in bed> grin

Last tango in Halifax is on soon so am looking forward to that.

YommyMommy Fri 14-Dec-12 16:10:44

Hi ladies,

Where has everyone gone hmm

I've had a few problems with my phone the past few days and hate using the comp ah home as I sit in front of it all day at work, lol!

Hope everyone is well and that's why the thread has gone quiet grin x x

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