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want to ask GP for moclobemide this afternoon, has anybody here ever taken it?

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Basf Fri 26-Oct-12 11:08:23

That's it really... My problem is social phobia; I could live with it ok - if I didn't have to work, and currently I am also retraining, and being assessed about my people skills... I will get nowhere without chemical help. I took citalopram for a while who did absolute wonders for me socially, but was making me sooo tired. And I found there's only so long you can have high self-esteem when all you really aspire to is a little nap grin Also what with the retraining/studying I can't afford to go to bed a 8pm at the same time as the kids...

According to wikipedia moclobemide might make me feel more energetic than any SSRI, while also improving things socially. Sounds a bit of a miracle to me I have to say... I find it hard to believe that a med that makes me relaxed enough to be ok with people will also NOT send me to sleep grin

My GP appointment is at 3pm today but any thoughts are welcome at any time! Thanks!

fluffydressinggown Fri 26-Oct-12 12:37:06

I think they might want to try something else first, I am sure I read somewhere that MAOIs had to be prescribed by a psychiatrist? They usually start with an SSRI, have you had treatment before?

DameFannyGallopsAtaGhost Fri 26-Oct-12 12:54:18

Iirc maois can be dangerous - for example, you can't eat cheese as it sets up a cross-reaction - so your doctor might want to avoid it for that reason?

A life without cheese just wouldn't be worth it for me grin

Basf Fri 26-Oct-12 14:34:42

Mmh, yes, I read about the interactions but they are not supposed to apply to moclobemide, only the other Maois, and although I did read about these needing to be prescribed by a psychiatrist as opposed to a GP, I don't know if it'd be different for moclobemide given that I've seen it described as a first line AD just like the SSRIs. I did read moclo. was not often prescribed because of the association with the other Maois, but that it can be a good alternative to SSRIs- less tiredness and sexual dysfunction. Yet I did a MN search and it's only mentionned 3 times? I'm a bit scared to try it- should I get as far as getting it. Will soon find out!

Basf Fri 26-Oct-12 17:18:41

Ok well she said she would not prescribe it; she didnt know it, looked it up, exclaimed it was a MAOI, talked about interactions and heart problems... I told her I didn't think it applied, she said still, she'd be very reluctant to prescribe it, actually no she'd never do it.

Back on citalopram... (yawn...)

DameFannyGallopsAtaGhost Fri 26-Oct-12 18:10:36

[sympathy] [unrestricted cheese eating]

WithanAnotE Sat 27-Oct-12 22:16:31

* basf * I would really push the issue with your GP ~ there are many SSRIs, as well as the newer SNRIs, NaSSA type drugs. Some are stimulants (e.g. Venlafaxine) and keep you awake, some are sedating and send you to sleep. Pretty poor to chuck you back on citalopram again. Is trial and error but you will find one that works for you, so get your GP to pull their finger out!

And I agree, a life without cheese is a no no! grin

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