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Has anyone done a residential retreat - or heard of any?

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mulranno Wed 24-Oct-12 18:22:26

Very depressed atm. GP says I need a rest/holiday/timeout -- the thought of going on holiday fills me with dread - I dont want to go with anyone - but I would like to do some sort of retreat/therapy - any ideas?

FreelanceMama Thu 25-Oct-12 05:02:19

I've been on a couple of retreats at a convent - you don't have o be religious to do one; you can often just stay for a few days and enjoy the different pace of life. I could give you more details if you msg me.

Otherwise, I went to a place called Manor House Hotel, nr Okehampton, for a few days once. It's an old-fashioned activity place. I spent the days pottering around trying my hand at different crafts and activities while my partner at the time played golf at their golf course all day.... Was v relaxing.

The only thing with retreats is that it can go either way - if you go alone you can find yourself stuck thinking/obsessing rather than relaxing. So it's good to have someone you know around to talk to if you need it.

Hope you find something that gives you the rest you're looking for.

Littlemisspoorly Thu 25-Oct-12 05:06:26

The Adlerian Society do summer retreats/workshops in Dorset which are really good. Have a look on their site for details.

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