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I have been referred for 'Talking therapy' after trying 2 types of anti-depressants.

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Screamfromtherooftops Wed 24-Oct-12 18:01:02

Can anyone tell me what to expect please?

I suffer from severe anxiety and the next step is talking therapy, I panic when I have to go out of the house so I am really scared about it.

I was diagnosed with PND 4 months ago and the antidepressants left me with horrible side effects so they said that I need to try 'Talking therapy'.

I'm not very good socialising when I feel okay but I am terrified having to talk about everything with a physiatrist!

Any information/Tips would help me a lot, I'm already shaking about it.

fluffydressinggown Thu 25-Oct-12 00:19:24

Has your GP said what type of talking therapy? CBT seems to be the one offered the most.

Psychiatrists don't really deliver talking therapy, it will be a trained therapist, they are trained to be easy to talk to and IME it is not so hard once you get going!

In the initial meeting they normally get to know you and talk about what you want to achieve from therapy, you might set some goals (for you it might be going out of the house for a short time?)

I like talking therapy, I get time every week to talk out the things I am struggling with and it helps me to get through the week because I know I can talk things out.

Lots of luck smile

Hoophopes Thu 25-Oct-12 12:09:23

Hi - psychiatrists do medication and diagnosis, not therapy - they tend to me different people with different training.

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