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Anxiety support thread anyone :)

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YommyMommy Wed 24-Oct-12 12:51:34

Was wondering of anyone was interested in a anxiety support thread :D

X x

AppleCrumples Wed 12-Dec-12 20:04:01

barky I am generally quite honest with people re my anxiety but I do think this depends on the people asking'! Are your work colleagues people who you would feel comfortable telling, it's hard to judge what the responses would be. That being said it's amazing how many people when you tell them turn out to have similar issues.

Slep surprisingly well last night given how anxious I was feeling but still felt bad when I woke up esp as stomach was pretty empty by then! Have only managed to eat a little today. Made it to mw which was fine tho explained to her that I was feeling pretty anxious. All fine except she had to do bp 3 times as it was a little high. It did come down tho so put down to anxiety.

Felt a bit better after but still only able to pick at food, really can't seem to relax this evening again. Just trying to go easy on myself.

I know that part of it is the pressure just before Xmas, it's a sociable time and I am not! But I can't be like this until Xmas, it's too long and I am too pregnant.

Really hope this lifts soon sad

Barkyboots Tue 11-Dec-12 21:38:28

Hi folks. I've just posted some of this on a different thread but maybe this is where I need to be! Normally more of a lurker than a poster on MN. I've been off work sick with anxiety/stress/depression since July, and am due to go back on Monday. I thought I was feeling robust enough when I saw my GP yesterday, so we agreed that I would start a phased return from next Monday and I have notified my employers. Overall I have been really quite surprised and disappointed at how unresponsive my employers have been, given that I've worked there for 13 years.
I'm still very anxious about returning to work though - the problem was caused by a particular bullying individual, who is still in place, and I will still have to work with her, albeit no longer share an office with her. If I so much as see someone in a car or on the street who looks like her I feel quite sick and anxious. My employers have told me that they only way they could do something about this would be if I brought a bullying claim against her - and I really don't feel I could do that - it would just create more stress and anxiety for me...
I'm also quite nervous about how to deal with questions when I go back along the lines of 'how are you?' (which I think will be code for - 'what on earth has been so wrong with you that you've been off for five months?!') I don't know how 'honest' to be or how people will 'judge' me...
Has anyone else been through anything similar? Would welcome your advice!

AppleCrumples Tue 11-Dec-12 18:47:22

Hi all joined this thread ages ago but not posted ina while. Feeling really anxious this evening. I think it is because I have mw appointment tomorrow (and ds1 school show on thurs and dd nativity on fri). I have been ok most of the day managed to eat and felt like I could manage then ds's went round to friends after school so instead of relaxing at home after school run i was feelinga bit nervous of going round and picking them up! Clearly social anxiety an issue for me! Since then I began to feel really jittery and couldn't eat my dinner.

Hoping writing all this down will help. It's silly. These are silly things to get worked up over and it doesn't help being 34 weeks pg. Why do I get like this? Mw isn't scary she will do the usual and I'll be out of there in 10 mins!

The dcs shows at school only require me to sit and watch. There's no need to get anxious to this extent.

I hate this!

keekeeblue Mon 10-Dec-12 10:05:46

Hi Mylittlepuds

How are you feeling today? I hope you managed to have a good weekend. Have you been to see your GP? Please don't depair, it may feel like on the edge of sanity but you will get through it x This illness is debilitating and you need to find the right treatment for you. Please see your GP or even call MIND.

thinking of you x

Mylittlepuds Fri 07-Dec-12 21:40:38

Hi keekee smile

I hope it's anxiety - I really do. It certainly fits the description but I'm worried it's not and I really am on the edge of sanity. I'm just so confused about life and not hopeful I'm going to get much further in it.

keekeeblue Fri 07-Dec-12 14:23:38

Hi Mylittlepuds

Sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Are you feeling tired, it could be fatigue or sleep deprivation. Or if you are anxious, anxiety can also make you feel this way. Try making some time for yourself to just do something for you, maybe a pedicure or facial, and focusing on your breathing also seems to help me. Just stopping and being in the moment is very good for anxiety too.

Hope you are feeling a bit better and can enjoy the weekend.

Mylittlepuds Thu 06-Dec-12 21:05:28

Anyone worried about going crazy/being on the verge of crazy?

I have hours in the day when my brain just won't cooperate and I have a constant feeling of, well, I'm not sure! Like weirdness. I worry I'm going crazy, going to have a heart attack, a brain seizure, that my brain isn't functioning correctly. And for all I tell itself to stop it I just can't.

alwaysworriedtoo Thu 06-Dec-12 20:40:19

Hope every thing goes well with your referal Keekee, and well done with the cobweb cleaning! I have noticed a few around our house, the worst I noticed from the lamp to the ceiling! (I havn't cleaned them yet, kidding myself its the retro look!!!)
Hope your well feeling lasts throughout the season.

smile Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! smile

keekeeblue Mon 03-Dec-12 11:11:48

Hi Always, really pleased you are feeling so well at the moment.

I feel strangely well it the calm before the Christmas storm. My gorgeous DS (8 years old) invited my parents for Christmas day (arrrghh) but I coped last year so I'm sure this year will be fine too, except no wine due to meds!!

Have had an unusual (for me) urge to clean the house today....weird....even hoovered cobwebs off the ceiling!!

Appointment with Wellbeing team tomorrow (I was referred a couple of months ago) to discuss being referred for CBT. Seems strange to think about it now as I a feeling much better than when I was referred.

Keep calm this Christmas xxxx

alwaysworriedtoo Sat 01-Dec-12 21:20:15

Hope every one is having good days. especially as it's the run up to that wonderful exciting time of year!
I have been mostly ok this month. I don't know if that is because I started earlier than usual (flo) Because iv'e been busy or because I am learning to deal with stuff. I have only had a few wobbles. DD dropped a chocolate on the floor she wrinsed it, it got dried off on a piece of kitchen roll and she ate it. I could feel the flutterings but kept thinking;
'Licking rain off the pavement!' 'Licking rain off the pavement!' 'Licking rain off the pavement!'(thanks microbiologist!)(you know who you are!)
Have had some issues with mil but I think the breach has been healed for now! I'm not having a bad month really. Lots of hand washing going on still but I think this is actually helping me focus on why because as I'm washing my hands I am asking myself 'What was that for' I have to answer and if it's stupid it makes me think before the next time I wash/wrinse them. (this sounds quiet lame when seeing it written but it seems to be working a bit!)
Anyway, as Frasier my favourite pshyciatrist (sp?) sort of says,
'here's wishing you good mental health!'

ChromosoneShortOfHuman Fri 23-Nov-12 18:00:43

3plus2 please go see someone, be kind to yourself, I get that feeling too, not good is it?

It sounds like you are suffer from acute anxiety here, which can be treated. I am not a fan of taking pills but there are all sorts of treatment these days!

I am still sure I am verging on insane and hyperactive but 5 different doctors say stressed, so I guess I best believe them.

3plus2 Fri 23-Nov-12 17:47:28

Not a beating noise but I feel sometimes as though my brain can't cope and is going to explode sad

ChromosoneShortOfHuman Fri 23-Nov-12 14:23:30

I think we need to lose our labels. We are all individual and have kinda the same problems.

I have several now, sorry its quitequiet here, someone else has a name similar so I changed. Okay here are my labels, I will type them then lose them...

Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Reactive Depression
Clinical Depression
Junior Arthritis in Knees (I am not 12 anymore but still have this)

I have to say I am a crap sleep last night, I didn't get to sleep until 2.30am, worrying about everything, (sigh)

Does anyone ever have what sounds like a beating noise in their brain or am I also insane?

ChromosoneShortOfHuman Fri 23-Nov-12 14:19:09

3plus2 please try get some help, I worry about you.

I have health fears also, not great, I need to go get a bloody smear and get the fears over with, I did go but they erm found something else and I had to have a slight horrid operation in a bad area.

3plus2 Fri 23-Nov-12 14:14:06

I keep thinking I have cervical cancer and a brain tumour due to headaches eye aches and like u said getting all hyped up over it :0 gosh I need someone to slap me round the chops or throw I've water over me! Life's too bloody short to think I've got a debilitating illness I'm sick of feeling this way. I'm glad you have got over it now that has given me some hope so thank you. smile

alwaysworriedtoo Fri 23-Nov-12 13:57:49

I don't very often get the life threatening illness vibe as much now . Only because I reached a certain age and was suprised because I wasn't dead! Now (most of the time) I think well Iv'e felt like that before and it was whatever
My worst have been was when I was covinsed that I had bowel cancer and spinal cancer. Of course I hadn't, (but it might have been, the brain cries out and so always go to doctors with any strange or new symptoms) I had tests and stuff and I had 'mild' I.B.S ( probably made worse by stressing about it and worrying about it)and had trapped a nerve in my back which after physio recovered. The other was I thought I had a brain tumor after an aunt had died of one. I was having headaches and dizzyness and seemed to remember hearing that that was how my aunt(not blood related) had started. After going to doctors feeling doomed I was releaved to find out I suffer from Migrainous headaches. That explained why everytime I had a headache it was truly terrible!

I Hope your symptoms go away gracefully and leave you in peace to feel better very soon.

3plus2 Fri 23-Nov-12 13:09:09

Bad today feeling sick and stomach churning over sad convinced I've got a life threatening illness with every twinge sad I seriously need to get help

CC77 Thu 22-Nov-12 17:03:25

Hi, I'm so pleased to have found this support thread, can I join too?

I'm pretty sure I have an anxiety problem, and it has been getting a lot worse this year. At the moment I am the subject of a disciplinary issue at work, which has never happened to me before and is mortifying, and even before that I found myself getting irrationally cross with my children and husband to the point where I was questioning my sanity. For the first half of this year my dad was dying of cancer, then I got married in July which was stressful beyond belief, and then he died 2 weeks after that.

I was prescribed anti-anxiety medication about 10 years ago, and stopped after 12 months, but now I really think I need some more. I am terrified of talking to a doctor about it though as I'm scared I'll just be told to pull myself together (I know this could be irrational). I haven't had panic attacks this time, just feelings of panic, despair, major social phobia (school pick ups are a nightmare) and general low self esteem and negative thoughts.

It's good to 'talk' to fellow mums about this, as having children has given me all sorts of extra reasons to be anxious!

QuiteQuiet Thu 22-Nov-12 14:03:18

alwaysworried can you get your DH to call you every hour or 2 ? Or even a text? smile Sure dd will be fine x

QuiteQuiet Thu 22-Nov-12 14:02:13

Thank you!!

I swear I'm fighting this anxiety full frontal I shall list what I have done in 2 days to impress myself! Oh and apparently my therapist is not erm... useless the first few session, I speak lots she listens and attempts to work out WTF to do with my wacko brain! Poor lady, she has her work cut out.

Okay I have:

Drove with a semi flat tyre.
Garage tyre thing didn't work so drove further and to a new petrol station I didn't look like dumb ass blonde and pretend not to know how to inflate the tyre I filled the machine with 20ps and just put the metal object on my tyre and press it's lever and voila - I inflated a tyre, okay this may seem minimal but for me it's a big anxiety of mine.

I then, drove to a new garage and yews I was confused as I have no idea what petrol to use a new garages but a man was waiting so I felt slightly anxious and chose green, that worked!

So that was all yesterday.


I couldn't find any suitable Nike clothing due to the weather, so I walked the dog in this hissing rain.

I then came home see he time panicked slightly, as had GP at 9.20am, faced another fear .... the GP car park, I have to say I impressed myself, I reversed into a space without hitting anything/one.

I spoke with the GP, almost winked at the dishy one who I know I am destined to marry one day, possibly when I have less problems and move to another practice, he smiled at me twice and went blush I love him, we sit together talking when I can him for an appointment (popular GP) and we sit and blush together......forget the GP QUIET, he is married fgs!

Anyway, then I came home for an hour, then back out to another horrid carpark, I waited 5 minutes on a space and decided to try my luck in a private parking zone which I half thought may lock me in, I arrived back after 45 minutes and voila car was intact, not locked in and no fines.

I then had a man come here at 1.00pm, I was sure he was coming to throw me out of my new house for my children putting muddy hands on the walls but he didn't I must stop threatening the children with 'one more dirty mark and we move to Easterhouse flats with the penniless people' I am starting to believe my lies. He just asked 5 questions and left..hmm confused

So I think I may well get to keep this house, dirty marks and all.

Thank goodness this week is almost over, I don't even have to leave the house until Tuesday if I don't wish to now!!! Oh that may be a worry, not a big fat of the contraceptive jab in the buttock, it's necessary through, it'sthat or roll around for a week every month in agony, then support worked on Tuesday after sore buttock (I'm getting clever here, planning things on the same day).

Then a week today I have to.... oh yes my psychologist for an hour (does anyone else crave a bed to lie on or is that just me?) then some policemen at 2pm (not in trouble I am always good, nervous wreck but not troublesome).

So all good here.

Hope everyone else is fine-ish. Try trick the anxiety by just GOING OUT AND DOING THINGS!! Okay, I do cave in sometimes but this week, so far so good!

I find if my children have to go somewhere, get the phone numbers of the parents better still take the children so you know where they are and can go get them at any point!

YommyMommy Wed 21-Nov-12 19:00:14

I'm sure dd's friends dad drives very carefully! She will b fine.

I know that feeling of impending doom though and it's no fun!! X x

alwaysworriedtoo Wed 21-Nov-12 18:17:47

Thanks Yommy Mommy, shes been before but this is the first time shes been picked up from school by friends dad and driven there. I don't like traffic at this time of year! I'll just have to remind myself he takes dd's friend home by car all the time why should this time be any different. (But then its like those films ='I've only got two weeks left to retirement/ holiday/ Christmas' and then you just Know Something is going to happen)I always get a wobble when dh Is driving anywhere further than usaul at this time of year too...

YommyMommy Wed 21-Nov-12 17:06:13

Hey always worried!

Why you so worried about it? She'll b fine and so will you! smile x x

alwaysworriedtoo Wed 21-Nov-12 16:23:24

Said that dd can go to her best friends house on Mon and keep getting a wobble!

YommyMommy Wed 21-Nov-12 10:56:31

Hey QQ,

Best thing to do with Anxiety it to beat its ass!! Only way it can get better!!

So don the Nike t-shirt and just do it grin x x

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