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AAAAGH What is going on with me. Is this a blip or SAD?

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MelangeATrois Mon 22-Oct-12 22:29:35

PND in 2005, AD's.
Relapse October 2007 AD's.
Relapse October 2010. AD's whilst pregnant and still on them now.

Went back to work June (teaching) after Mat leave. Had v hard term and especially horrific day early last week. Anxiety and irritability has been building since the start of term. Tearful and feeling at the end of my tether. Since Saturday, been feeling v tired, can't be bothered, detached, very slow, everything is a massive effort. I am trying everything to stay positive, but it's like I am having a massive conversation with myself all the time in order to "keep going" through even minor stuff like seeing a big pile of washing and feeling like everything is getting on top of me. To compensate for these feelings i am trying to do less but do it perfectly.

It lifts a bit by evening - am feeling OK at the moment but this morning was absolutely awful.

WTAF is going on? Fed up with this crap now. Just want to be a normal person who does not get affected by life in this way.

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