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Just so fed up.

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spingey Thu 18-Oct-12 19:28:45

I have posted on here before about this so sorry if im repeating myself.

We are staying with my mum at the mo because our neighbours are making life unbarable. My mum lives about 4+ miles from my house so it makes getting the kids to school a nightmare -the route we take is basicly a continuous traffic jam from start to finish. This morning it took us 45 mins.

Living with my mum is difficult. We both have very different ways of doing things and she isnt used to having the kids and all they entail in her house every day. We are just about managing. The 3 of us are sleeping in a double bed and living out of a suitcase. Its a pretty miserable existance and is effecting the kids. They arent sleeping well and are struggling to get up for school in the morning.
My younger sister still lives at my mums and keeps telling me to "go home" and to "grow a pair" which is really upsetting.

I want to go home but Im tired of the neighbours behaviour and the anxiety it

Im calling the council everyday and getting nothing from them. They dont even have the curtosy to say that things havnt progressed any further. They have said they will move us but nothing appears to be happening.

Im just fed up. We are stuck in limbo and I dont know whats going on. I've gone from having my own flat to being back at my mums squashed into a small bedroom with two kids.

Crawling Thu 18-Oct-12 19:51:40

You have my sympathy I have had to live with my mum when very ill and while i am gratefull and love her we do things different and its stressful plus she fuses too much and won't let go as she worries about my illness. What is wrong with your neighbours?

spingey Thu 18-Oct-12 20:04:55

It has been going on for a while.... inconsiderate noise till early hours of morning. Their baby not going to bed untill past midnight.Excessive mess in the communal areas of our property.....the list could go on forever.
I logged some complaints with the council who contacted social services. When this happened they were knocking on my door accussing me in a very unsettling and agressive manor. they then played music in their flat extreemly loud in retaliation and were banging on the ceiling when they knew i would be trying to get my kids to sleep. They have made threatening comments towards me in the past.
They have stolen stuff from me that has been delivered to them by mistake and destroyed replacement parcels that have been left in our communal area. They bang on the walls and just try and intimidate me into knocking on their door for a showdown which Im not willing to do.
Every time I have returned home since leaving something has happened and had to be logged with the police. The kids dont want to be there. its awful. just fed up of it, its been going on for so long. They have been awful since they moved in but it has never escallated to this point.

I just want to be able to lead a normal life. finish work, get the kids and return to a safe home that is ours.

Crawling Thu 18-Oct-12 20:54:52

That sounds awful sorry no advice but lots of sympathy.

spingey Thu 18-Oct-12 21:14:22

I just want to know whats going to happen. Its so frustrating. I keep trying to talk to people about it but they just stare back at me blankly.

Crawling Fri 19-Oct-12 07:47:25

The situation you are in sounds really awful and if I was in the same situation I would live with my mum to. Can the counsel move you or can you look at private renting.

spingey Fri 19-Oct-12 17:36:07

The council say they are "trying" to move us but I have seen little evidence of that.
I spoke to the police man who is dealing with my case and he said he thinks it would be better if we continue living with my mum. By the sounds of it my concerns were right and the neighbours have been spinning lies about us to the police. The guy didnt say it outright but he hinted at it. I told him I was already keeping a diary of my movements and he said it would be advisable to continue doing that.

I've just had enough. I was looking at private rents close to the childrens school. The ones suitable for us were about £900 pcm!!!! I cant afford that, even if the council subsidised it.

I honestly feel like the whole process of this is turning me mad. The thoughts that go through my head at times are rediculous. I can hear myself saying things and cringing because I know how silly it sounds. I want to scutinise every detail of every event.

Im going to try and make a proactive list of things to do on my day off next week to get things moving with this. I can not stay in this limbo much longer!

spingey Fri 19-Oct-12 18:57:06

My mum doesnt want us here. I can tell. She is constantly yelling at me.

I cant stand this anymore. I wish I was dead.I hate my life, its not good enough for the kids. Its a pile of shit and I've had enough.

Crawling Fri 19-Oct-12 19:30:05

Please don't do anything stupid. Are you under a mental health team they will be able to mediate with the council and remove the stress of sorting this out they also have more sway if they say your mental health is drastically suffering as a result. As for your mum i know sometimes it feels like every one is against you but think about how you would feel if this was your child. I am sure she feels the same as you would and is just concerned.

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