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Sounds pathetic but please help

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miniegg1980 Fri 12-Oct-12 22:55:34

I'm not on my antidepressants at mo as breastfeeding my 10 week old. They are for a number of things, one in particular is my phobia of sick.

My two year old has just been sick twice and i am now petrified i'm going to be. I know this sounds really pathetic and silly, but am only just holding it together. Am trying to feed ds2 and am physically shaking. I'm gagging, sweating and just want to cry.

Want to get in my car and drive as far away as possible.

Someone please tell me how stupid i'm being

Flojo1979 Fri 12-Oct-12 23:03:54

Well done for having 2 dc's with a sick phobia, I dont think I would have.
Your being stupid....if u drive off.
Take a deep breath, get some big gloves, suck on a mint so u don't gag and clean it up, once u get it done you'll be fine.

miniegg1980 Fri 12-Oct-12 23:07:46

Have cleaned and changed bed and picked up sick. It's now i panic. Its so stupid. I just want to be there for him and i can!t even kiss him goodnight now

miniegg1980 Fri 12-Oct-12 23:08:06

Thank you for replying smile

TheSilverPussycat Fri 12-Oct-12 23:08:58

I retch at poo but not sick, with the exception of baby poo. Makes me feel like a wimp, but I'm not phobic. So sorry you are finding it difficult.

Do you know any breathing techniques to calm yourself - eg slowly in through mouth and out through the nose?

NLP fast phobia cure does work - you need a trained practitioner to guide you through it though.

miniegg1980 Fri 12-Oct-12 23:24:09

Am trying the breathing....

Notvheard of nlp fast phobia?

Am meant to be catching up in sleep, but am now wide awake.....waiting....

TheSilverPussycat Sat 13-Oct-12 12:27:37

Did the breathing work?

Fast phobia cure works by dissociation, you detach from yourself (twice) ie watch yourself watching yourself have the phobia on TV, run the phobia and tell yourself anything you need to know from watching yourself, some versions run phobia backwards very fast, then you reintegrate into yourself.

The person guiding you keeps you safe, makes sure you are correctly dissociated, and that you properly associate again. The process Does Not involve you 'confronting your phobia' - it is quite gentle.

TheSilverPussycat Sat 13-Oct-12 12:28:47

Not a real TV, one in your head!

miniegg1980 Sat 13-Oct-12 19:50:24

Thanks for the explanation, sounds an interesting idea. I did have CPD but its got worse again since catching a bug from lovely son last year sad

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