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AIBU to want to complain?

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MacAndCheese Thu 11-Oct-12 21:28:51

I would put this in AIBU but don't want to get flamed blush. This may also be a tad long winded but I don't wish to drip feed.

In April this year I was diagnosed with anxiety and moderate depression. As a result of this I was signed off work, put on citalopram and referred to a CBT whatsit.

With the CBT, there are 3 ways of doing it. You can have
a) telephone support and booklets to work through at your own pace
b) support groups
c) online therapy where instead of the booklets, you do things via a computer.

So. I was referred in late April. I received an initial assessment letter in early May, and had an initial telephone consultation regarding the letter in May as well. So far so good right? At the end of my initial phone call, when I had accepted their service, I was informed that someone would be in contact when there was a spot open.

Weeks past, and I get through the side effects of my medication without too much hassle. In the beginning of June, I have a hmm moment, and call the CBT service. They say that yes, someone should have been in contact already, and that they will be in contact the following week. Excellent.

Months pass, I continue to feel better in myself. Gradually come off my medication and I'm fine.

I never hear anything back from the CBT service.

Today I received a letter from my GP surgery that had attached correspondence from the CBT service. They have apparently attempted to contact me on numerous occasions and heard nothing in response from me. The GP surgery want me to contact them should I wish to be rereferred.

AIBU to want to write a letter of complaint to the Surgery and also a copy to the CBT service? They had both my home and mobile numbers, and I have had no missed calls/unknown numbers/answer phone messages from them. Frankly I am appalled at the notion that I rejected the service when I was practically screaming for help in May and received none from then.

I feel very lucky to have had such a good GP and support system in place, but what would happen to someone else who doesn't?

MacAndCheese Thu 11-Oct-12 22:17:18


piemashandliquer Thu 11-Oct-12 22:21:12

Yes complain, thats unacceptable service! Glad youre feeling better though.

Jollyb Thu 11-Oct-12 22:27:12

It doesn't sound great and I think it 's reasonable for you to complain but . . Why didn't you call back when you didn't hear from anyone after your June phone call?

MacAndCheese Thu 11-Oct-12 22:42:17

I forgot blush I'd just lost my job and was filling my time with job applications and building myself back up again. If I'm honest, I think I've blinked and missed the last 6 months.

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