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At what point do you know you need anti depressants?

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musicposy Tue 09-Oct-12 23:54:37

I would welcome some input/ advice.

I've been on antidepressants twice before. Once was for post natal depression many years back and once was a couple of years ago after I had a late miscarriage and lost a desperately wanted baby.

The thing is, those times, particularly last time, I knew I needed some sort of intervention. I was just not coping with my life at all, not sleeping, sobbing constantly, seeing no pleasure in anything. I also knew what was wrong, if that makes sense.

At the moment, it's a bit different. I think I am low level depressed, but I'm not sure at what point this feeling low becomes something I need to sort out. I've had a lot of changes in my life over the last few weeks and I don't know whether, given time, I will adjust or whether this is going to get worse. None of it is impossible to cope with stuff all on its own, various family issues etc. Yet I spent this whole morning sobbing at my mum's and I'm wondering if everything is getting too much on top of me.

I would go on anti-d's in a flash but both times before, once on prozac and once on citalopram, they completely ruined my sex drive and I hated that aspect. I couldn't get any pleasure from sex at all, became pretty disinterested in it, and it did negatively affect things with DH. That's not to say he grumbled - he didn't - but we usually have what I think is a pretty healthy sex life and it was hard having that suddenly taken out of the relationship. Last time I was so terribly depressed that it was a sacrifice worth taking. At the moment I'm not so sure. Plus, they are vile things to go on and come off of. I was OK after a few weeks but the first 2 weeks or so were horrible. And yet I can't spend whole mornings unable to do anything because I can't stop crying.

I'm not sure whether to ride things out for a bit or do something in case it gets worse. At what point do you intervene?

mrsfuzzy Wed 10-Oct-12 11:14:24

you poor darling i'm sending you a virtual hug, i know about this stuff as i have rapid cycling bipolar and have had anti ps and mood stablizers for years now. there are various anti ps to try but as you say they present other problems depending on the dosage. DH sounds a real support for you and thats what you need, have you talked things over with him? is it possible that the family issues can be discussed with those involved or bringing in a third party for support? maybe you can delegate out some 'chores' to give yourself some breathing space. i'm not an expert but it doesn't seem that you need antips at this stage, esp as you are anxious about them, it might hinder rather than help. try to work through the next couple of weeks and see how you go, if it doesn't get better then explore the antip angle its better to get to the root of the problem rather than putting stickinng plaster over it, i wish you luck and a positive outcome which i,m sure is coming your way.

bansku Sun 14-Oct-12 21:29:57

I would say that you know when you really need them. I have a history of depression/bipolar/bpd or something. Doctors could not agree. I was fine several years until in my second pregnancy I got very depressed. I knew I needed med but I did not take them, because I was afraid they would damage the baby. That depression went a way after labour.

Now I have had some short bouts of depression and I knew I needed meds. I waited some days and felt better. Now I am, I guess, in your situation. Should I go and get meds or not? Well not, as I am contemplating. Maybe gettikng them next time I feel I need them.

musicposy Sun 14-Oct-12 22:23:59

Thank you for the replies and kindness. smile

I'm waiting it out at the moment and seeing how it goes. Some things are beyond my control, but some we've talked about as a family and I think are improving - or at least, we are supporting each other through a bit better. There's been a lot going on both within our family and in extended family too and I think it all has a knock on effect.

One thing was that DD2 was behaving like a spoilt toddler (she's 13) and I just couldn't handle it. We've since chatted and I think she feels as rubbish as me some of the time at the moment. It's easy to think that family stuff affects us adults only when in fact it has a knock on effect to everyone. DD2 and I have now made a pact to try and support each other better and not take things out on each other. It's certainly been better since.

I think if things look like they are on the up - or at least not on the down! - I will keep as I am. But if I have too many days like Tuesday I think I will think again. Last time I went on them I did really know I needed them - as I'm not there yet I think I will wait a while, as you both have said. smile

tabbycat15 Mon 15-Oct-12 03:06:26

You could maybe try taking St. John's wort, bit b complex, 1000mg Vit C which help for stress & depression.

If after a few weeks you still feel the same then maybe discuss things with your Dr. The SSRI's affect libido but maybe one of the older types might be better suited for you.

Redsilk Mon 15-Oct-12 04:33:07

Musicpoay, maybe just the old cure of seeing a professional (psychologist) before you take meds?

If you're going through life changes as you say, maybe what you need is help sorting things out and understanding the stress points, not meds which just dampen your reactions and not help you address the source of problems.

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