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Drs tomorrow, need to know what to expect

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FunkyChickensOnTheMove Mon 08-Oct-12 19:45:25

I am already on 20mg of Cipralex for depressiom but I have been under a huge amount of stress for the past few weeks and have been having the most awful panik attacks and I constantly have this awful nervous ball in my tummy. I am sure it will pass when the things in my life that are causing this will go, but I need some help in the mean time. Will my GP prescribe me something temporary to help or will I be fighting a losing battle?

Hoophopes Mon 08-Oct-12 19:48:57

Hi - I guess it depends how long the stress is likely to continue. If it is caused by events that will pass then medication is something the Gp's are less likely to consider perhaps. It is up to each Gp. Could you tell the Gp what is causing it and how you are struggling with the events so that they know how to help best.

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