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Emetophobia- advice please

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banana87 Mon 08-Oct-12 11:15:43

I am currently having a panic attack.

DD2 did not eat much Thurs, and took a very long nap (but had a shorter morning nap). Fri am she vomited twice, then fine. She ate and drank perfectly normally.

Sun am DH (who does paleo) woke with diarrhea, he says because he had eaten wheat and dairy (curry and cake)! I sent him off to his dads and bleached both bathrooms and all door handles, etc. At his dads he vomited once, and also vomited here before he left. He had diarrhea several times, and stomach ache. No other symptoms and by 7:30 last night he was apparently up reading the paper and ate a nectarine. Went to bed at normal time (11).

Now today DD1 (4) isn't eating, but has drank a cup of juice. She's saying she's tired and alternates between the sofa and playing.

I'm feeling crap. I've got a cold, no appetite, and just feel blah.

Thoughts? Do we all have a bug or are things just fluke??? I'm really freaking out.

amillionyears Mon 08-Oct-12 13:23:41

Could be a bug.
Are there other people you know with a bug.
Is therre a bug going round your area?

Everything feels awful when you are not feeling well yourself.

banana87 Mon 08-Oct-12 13:43:14

Friends of ours had it last weekend, in varying degrees from severe to mild. DD temp is 100, not high, but definetly indicates something is upsad am I safe to assume DD2 started it?

amillionyears Mon 08-Oct-12 14:08:30

Sounds like it.

devilinside Mon 08-Oct-12 15:09:14

It does sound like a bug, my advice to you is to wear latex gloves when cleaning up, using the bathroom and before eating whilst the bug is circulating the house (apologies to non-emtophobes, but this is the reality for us!)

If it's too late for you, then go entirely nil-by-mouth and you may avoid the dreaded!

banana87 Mon 08-Oct-12 16:27:24

Shit. I haven't done latex gloves, just continuous washing and bleaching and spraying dettenol everywhere. I also have been putting the instant hand wash on regularly too. Does that cover me? I've no had to clean any sick up, as I've been able to just throw it in the wash and wash my hands.

devilinside Mon 08-Oct-12 16:31:04

Good luck, Hope you manage to avoid it, definitely stock up on those gloves for future use

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