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Is anyone managing MILD depression without AD's?

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Shh2012 Thu 04-Oct-12 08:18:32

I've had serious (Or 'major' as it was called then) depression before. This isn't anywhere near as bad but I certainly dont feel right..just a constant low-ish mood that does pick up from time to time.

What can be done for a mild depression like this without a visit to GP and more AD's?
I've heard about 5htp and have ordered some. It's here on the table but I'm a bit afraid of taking them!
What about the usual suspects - exercise, better diet etc?
Anyone had any success?

DilysPrice Thu 04-Oct-12 08:25:17

The success rate for ADs for mild depression is only very slightly above placebo (at best) because placebos work really really well.

Read a few self-help articles, give yourself a "prescription" and follow it to the letter. I personally would try a mangeable amount of daily exercise, in the fresh air if possible. Make an appointment with your GP for two weeks time and cancel it if you're already feeling improved.

DilysPrice Thu 04-Oct-12 08:25:33

Oh, and good luck

Shh2012 Thu 04-Oct-12 08:50:19

Thanks so much Dilys. I think a 30 minute daily walk outdoors will be a good start (if I can motivate myself to do it).

For anyone else who may be reading, I have nothing against AD's except I always have side effects whichever one I'm on. When I've been in a severe depression the side effects are tolerable because I know the AD's are helping me to feel better but with mild depression the side effects arent worth it. For me at least.

Shh2012 Thu 04-Oct-12 14:56:54

Right I think I'm going to record my progress each day here.
Went out earlier, only managed 15 minutes because I started feeling a bit panicky. I've noted in my diary to see my GP in two weeks if I don't feel better. This time the anxiety seems worse than the depression.

Will try for 30 minutes tomorrow.

narmada Fri 05-Oct-12 00:12:40

I do find lots of physical activity enormously helpful in managing anxiety and depression.

The only thing Would say is do stick to your resolution to go to the GP if things have not improved in a fortnight.

Mumfortoddler Fri 05-Oct-12 00:31:45

I have managed with mild DP for about a decade. I have found meditation and running are good sanctuaries and help restore balance. Mind do Mindfulness Meditation workshops for people with anxiety/depression, or doing a little mindfulness meditation through your local Buddhist centre would work. Most do an introductory one hour session which is enough to get your body into relax mode. I've learned to manage mine through self help books and learning to think differently, have to say its worked enormously well, have got it down to 10 days a month where I still feel low, but am better at coping with them now. I've always been anti meds only because my mum has been on anti'd's for 25 years, and they have become both a crutch and a major burden. I say unless you're getting suicidal thoughts (in which case, get help quickly) then focus on what you can do to change your life to relieve stress. Create yourself some positive thinking support networks as well. Try not to spend too much time around other people who are depressed. I know this might sound a little patronising but I've done alot to increase my 'positive energy' support network and this has made a huge difference. I've got friends to turn too that I know will pick me up now, instead of drag me down further. I still keep in touch with everyone, but have just balanced time differently to reduce negative influencers. I real a really cheesy book called You Can Feel Good Again which transformed my thinking about worry, and stopped the worry cycle in its tracks. Good luck with it

MrsNPattz Fri 05-Oct-12 06:51:26

Hi, I think my anxiety and depression has flared up mildly since having my little boy nearly 3 weeks - I am already on medication so I think it would be a lot worse if it wasn't for that. I find talking about it really helps, not necessarily to people I know! Although my husband is very good. I think the exercise is a good idea and I have planned a walk for today too. Even if you achieve 20 mins today that's still 5 mins more than yesterday, but even 5 mins outside is something. Good luck, I will be thinking of you when I'm out for my walk smile

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