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Shyness and CBT

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MrsBeaver Mon 01-Oct-12 23:21:12

I've always been very shy and although it's improved over the years, I found my DD's recent 4th birthday made me feel anxious and almost sick because of the socialising involved. Am already feeling anxious about her future birthdays!

Does anyone know anything about CBT? What does it actually involve? And how do you go about finding a practitioner?

mashedpotatohead Wed 03-Oct-12 12:37:55

Birthday parties still make me shudder Beaver. I'm just about to do one for my ds 6th birthday, so I feel your pain!

I've had CBT through my GP & found it brilliant. Would def recommend it. I had really high anxiety levels after my second ds & was having constant panic attacks.

In CBT we talked about my past & what I hoped to get out of the sessions. We started with breathing techniques which really helped me. My counsellor worked with me over 6wks & we used five scenarios that I found difficult. For example, social situations, toddler tantrums in town, driving somewhere new. CBT helped me to challenge my perceptions & gave me the tools to be more realistic about everything!

Good luck x

MrsBeaver Wed 03-Oct-12 22:31:55

Thank you, I will see my GP. Did talking about your past have any negative effects on you though?

Selks Wed 03-Oct-12 22:38:07

CBT is brilliant for shyness/social anxiety. Here is some info on CBT.

CBT mainly focuses on the here and now, on the link between thoughts-feelings-behaviour, but may look at the past briefly to learn about how the problem first formed, but the main bulk of CBT work is in the now. It's not an intrustive therapy but does take a level of commitment from the client.

Any good CBT therapist discuss with you thoroughly what it entails. It's very effective - go for it! smile

mashedpotatohead Thu 04-Oct-12 14:46:29

Selks summed it up brilliantly smile

Talking about the past was very brief & although upsetting, it did help me to understand where those thought patterns had begun.

Good luck Beaver

MrsBeaver Thu 04-Oct-12 22:21:44

Thanks again. I feel more positive just knowing that there is something I can do about this ailment.

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