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Please, please tell me there's hope. Anxiety.

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Mylittlepuds Mon 01-Oct-12 19:39:33

I had DS 17 months ago. Had never previously suffered with anxiety.

I have since been to hell with extreme anxiety, thought I was mad, derealization, out of body feelings, panic attacks etc etc until eventually, over time, I slowly but surely improved.

I still spend many of my days in an anxious state (with an on edge feeling that I just can't rationalise). I know I've never come to any harm but it just doesn't relent.

I've managed without ADs as I've had to - my anxiety is such that I just can't bring myself to go on them. It's just not an option. Particularly as I know of a few friends whose problems have gotten worse when going onto ADs, and one who has ended up in a psychiatric unit intermittently, which she blames on ADs. I know they've helped millions but for me personally I just can't do it. I have counselling but it's all related to my childhood etc which although shit at points i'm not convinced it's in any way connected. I'm certain my problems are all hormonal (started after hormone plunge after birth and got worse two weeks before periods).

I'm pregnant again. Not planned. And I'm still suffering badly with anxiety. I'm just terrified that if I'm like this now (I had a great pregnancy with DS) what the hell is going to happen postnatally? I'm going to end up in a mother and baby unit for sure.

And if I can barely cope with my DS due to anxiety how am I going to manage a toddler and a baby?

Please, please can someone tell me that the worst mightn't happen after the birth. I can almost tolerate the constant on edge stuff but I couldn't do the hell hole again, not with a toddler too.

I would so love to hear from women who've been through similar.

Spookey80 Mon 01-Oct-12 19:45:07

I suffered from panic attacks but before I had dcs, so not the same as you, but I didn't want to read and run.
When I had these horrendous attacks it was so awful that I just want to say you can get through it.
I too didn't want to take ads, though nothing wrong with that. But I just kept going each day, distracting myself, exercise, and once I knew they were panic I felt able to control them. I still suffere from some anxiety now, but please, get help, it will get better. Counselling, cbt, you can get referred by GP. Good luck.

Spookey80 Mon 01-Oct-12 19:46:18

Also, I suffered pnd after first baby and was worried it would happen with second. It didn't. Each pregnancy and baby is different.

Hoophopes Mon 01-Oct-12 19:49:50

Hi - you have managed 17mths without medication and didn't end up in hospital, so there is no reason you will this time. I actually found the hormonal changes of being pregnant helped me. Do you think what you are doing in counselling is raising anxiety? My counsellor told me that part of the reason I am struggling right now is I am doing lots of hard stuff with her in sessions and it is to be expected. So perhaps stopping doing hard stuff when what you need is coping strategies, relaxation etc to reduce anxiety.

Also I know you say you don't want AD's but if you are talking about mother and baby units you might find you are offered ADs before you get to that stage (logically speaking, spaces are very limited and if medication can help they try that route first).

Do you do anything to help you relax? I did pregnancy pilates which helped. There is aqua natal, pregnancy yoga, pregnancy pilates etc in many places. Could you talk to your health visitor about being concerned about having a toddler and a baby. Could you consider putting your toddler in a nursery or with a childminder for part of the week to help you when you have a small baby at home?

I have one ds, and am struggling (would love a second but took 7yrs to have this one!) and have just gone back onto medicaiton (which does help and is ok for breastfeeding and pregnancy).

amillionyears Mon 01-Oct-12 22:41:10

Try eating more brocolli and cabbage[it doesnt have to be the greenest varieties].2 or 3 portions of either per week would probably be enough.And they can be eaten raw if preferred.
They might help you.

Mumblepot26 Mon 01-Oct-12 22:57:55

Hello, so sorry you are going through this, I went through a horrific episode of post natal anxiety for ten weeks earlier this year. Awful panic attacks, agoraphobia and claustraphobia, same as you I had terrifying episodes of derealisation, felt like I needed to be sectioned. I had never had previous mental health problems. I too am/was convinced it was hormonal, and took the view that it was a physical illness that needed physical treatment. I was anxious about ADs but now realise that was all part of my illness, I am relieved beyond belief I took meds, it took about four weeks to feel normal again and six months inI am happier than ever.I have been on a number of online forums for anxiety and I think that over 80% of people who took ads seem to be very positive about their experience.

narmada Mon 01-Oct-12 23:55:56

have you had your thyroid hormone levels checked? Its just it is quite unusual to have never ever had any issues with anxiety and then suddenly start up with it.

postnatal thyroid probs are quite common.

Failing this.... anxiety can be a main symptom. of postbnatal depression. Starting Meds like ADs - SSRIs in particular - can cause a temporary but very alarming increase in anxiety. Pleased don't wrote off Meds compolitely. for many people the are a lifesaver.

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