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Bfing - seroxat, sertraline or citalopram?

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koolforcats Wed 26-Sep-12 21:20:55


I'm bfing and have just been prescribed seroxat (paroxetine) for anxiety.

I started the tablets this morning but having consulted Dr Google I'm now concerned that it might not be the best choice of meds esp. for withdrawal. I'm obviously not considering stopping yet as I've only just started but I'm wondering why I might have been prescribed these when sertraline or citalopram both sound gentler but still effective.

I need some reassurance I guess.  I just want to feel better but am worried that I don't 100% know that there's not going to be an effect on DS, which makes me worry, which fuels my anxiety....vicious cycle!

I've posted this in various threads, as I wasn't sure where it should be...

TheGruffalosbitch Thu 27-Sep-12 07:21:07

Paroxetine is god awful for wd, the worst out of all the SSRI's because of this I was on it for 12 years. I've only managed to come off of it by switching meds a number of time, and I quite literally went to hell and back x

keekeeblue Thu 27-Sep-12 09:25:11

I'm on paroxetine for anxiety and depression 30mg I didn't know about the withdrawal symptoms - now anxious about this. I have been on paroxetine for 6 months, GP tried to reduce dosage but I felt even worse and then on Monday dosage was increased. Counselling since January not working so now being referred for CBT?!?

TheGruffalosbitch Thu 27-Sep-12 15:57:29

I was on it for 12 years for anxiety, everytime I tried to come off I ended up in a worse state sad

koolforcats Thu 27-Sep-12 21:27:18

Oh crikey, that's worrying.... I'm back to the gp in 2 weeks so might explore the other options with her then - hoping that as I've started on a low dose and change, maybe it won't be as bad.

Thanks though for sharing your experiences.

sillymummy11 Thu 27-Sep-12 23:46:45

I was told by my GP that citalopram is not recommended if BF. She may have been wrong though. I was on Paroxetine for DD2 PND and BF- it wasn't great to come off but could have been worse- maybe because I only stayed on it for 6 months? With DD3 I was prescribed Sertraline as I complained about the Paroxetine worked ok came off it a lot easier (now back on it but not because of side effects). Needless to say both the children are fine.

TBH I'd ask if I could try Sertraline instead- especially if you've just been prescribed it.

koolforcats Fri 28-Sep-12 06:55:27

Thanks silly - interesting that you've been on both - how did the sertraline compare to the paroxetine for treating the anxiety? If they were as good as each other I'll probably ask to change.

sillymummy11 Fri 28-Sep-12 23:17:48

Hi kfc I think the sertraline did the job as well as the paroxetine. I had to have an increase after a blip, but went back to normal dose after two months no problems.

It's difficult to do a direct comparison as 1st time (paroxetine) I was in a complete crisis, 2nd time I was prescribed sertraline as a prophylactic....however, when I tried to stop taking it I would end up going downhill so it seemed to be working.

I am now an anxious mess and went back on the sertraline yesterday after a 2 month break so maybe I'll be able to give more balanced feedback in a couple of weeks!

However, different medications have varying effects on different people- what works for me might not for you etc. I would definitely talk to your GP about it though...a quick look on the net suggests that generally they are as effective as each other.

koolforcats Sat 29-Sep-12 07:39:21

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences Silly - I'll definitely chat with my gp about the option to change to sertraline I think. I do hope you feel much better soon.

BillyBollyBandy Sat 29-Sep-12 08:17:32

Fluroxetine (prozac) is safest I think. I was advised that citalopram is okay for pregnancy and bf'ing.

ClaireBlair Sat 29-Sep-12 08:21:08

I was on citalopram for 2 years while breastfeeding, the doctor was of the opinion that although there hadn't been many studies of effects, the effects of a depressed/anxious mother were worse than the potential side effects.

Juneywoony Sat 29-Sep-12 08:48:39

When i was pregnant with my first child five years ago i was referred by my midwife to a psychiatrist who dealt with pregnant women due to a history of depression. She changed my medication to sertraline as she said it was one of the better medications to have in pregnancy and breastfeeding. I think i was about five months pregnant when i started taking it, i took it throughout the pregnancy and breastfeeding, i fell pregnant with my son when my daughter was eight months so continued taking it throughout the second pregnancy and breastfeeding my son, in fact i was on it up until last year when i had another bad episode of depression and then had my meds changed to venlafaxine. Both kids are fine and dont seem harmed by it in anyway and i was really well throughout this period also.

narmada Sat 29-Sep-12 11:11:28

sertralne is considered safest for breasrfeeding as it has the lowest transfer rate into breastmilk of all the SSRIs. The breasrfeeding network has info about drugs during location ehicb you could show to your doctor.

TBH I have heard v few positive reports about seroxat and think i would be tempted to go back and ask ti switch. Citalopram dude not agree with me at all, sertraline I found the best of the bunch. BF on it for two years and DD is precociously bright and totally fine grin

Stay strong

narmada Sat 29-Sep-12 11:12:52

That made zero sense. silly phone.

BFN has info about drugs during lactation that should have read. Sorry can't link from phone .... hang on a tick.

narmada Sat 29-Sep-12 11:17:32

here you go


Scroll down to the leaflet on antidepressants.

koolforcats Sun 30-Sep-12 21:01:32

Thanks so much all, I really appreciate your advice and am grateful for you sharing your experiences. I think I'd feel more comfortable on sertraline - I've only been on seroxat for 5 days and can't stop clenching my jaw confused so I'm not sure it's for me!

narmada Mon 01-Oct-12 13:01:13

jaw clenching iz a common side effect of starting SSRIs but sertraline may be better. I had that issue with citalopram but not with sertraline . Your doc will advise but it is usually a straightforward case of switching from one SSRI to the other. Not usually necessary to cross taper.

narmada Mon 01-Oct-12 13:02:37

ps things like jaw clenching and otgrr 'commencement effects' usually wear off after two weeks or so ...

narmada Mon 01-Oct-12 13:05:33

other.... Not otggr !

koolforcats Mon 01-Oct-12 18:06:47

Phew, only a week to go then! Good to hear that I may be able to do a straight switch too, thanks smile

Turtleonfire Sun 15-Sep-13 14:23:41

One thing they don't advise you about is nutrition. I've found it's important to find out if maybe a vitamin/mineral deficiency could be a factor in your depression.

My story:
I was on seroxat for about 10 years. It took the edge off & I wasn't as shy, anxious or depressed as before.. but I didn't feel elation when I should have either. While taking them, I was hungry & tired all the time and if I didn't eat in-between meals I would get hunger-pains, go light-headed and faint! I became 3 dress-sizes bigger. I read online that seroxat depletes B vitamins, so I started taking these & switched to prozac - this normalized my eating/energy levels.

Then my partner and I moved to Thailand for 6 months. It was sunny all the time but I was allergic to sunscreen so didn't use any, and as a result I probably absorbed a lot of vitamin D! I continued taking a lot of B vitamins & ate more fish than ever before. I was shocked in finding that I felt so happy! So I reduced and stopped the prozac and STILL felt happy, even when we came back to the UK early. I could now feel emotions properly: extreme elation as well as sadness, but I was no longer depressed. I've since made sure my diet's rich in anti-depressant nutrients and I take good quality vitamin and mineral supplements. Even when my life's been shite, I haven't had to resort to taking anti-depressants again, which is a huge relief for me.

themidwife Thu 19-Sep-13 20:57:57

The consultant psychiatrist leading the perinatal mental health team in my area recommends sertraline as the safest for breast feeding if that's any help?

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