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Any other Adult ADHD or ADDers out there?

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greeneyed Wed 26-Sep-12 14:31:40

Newly diagnosed at 38 and looking for others to chat to

Salbertina Wed 26-Sep-12 16:29:58

Probably tho not diagnosed

greeneyed Wed 26-Sep-12 19:25:32

Hi Salbertina, Are you looking for a diagnosis?

Salbertina Thu 27-Sep-12 08:05:50

Hi overseas so not currently, doubtful where it would get me tbh
How about you? Are you going to get treatment? Do u feel better to know?

greeneyed Mon 01-Oct-12 15:52:48

Salbertina, sorry for delay in reply, I have just been diagnosed - saw Psychiatrist privately after seeing him recommended on an adult ADD forum - I had never even heard of adult ADHD until I started googling problems with chronic procrastination etc and looking for counselling - when I started to read about it the lightbulb went on - my whole life was being described before my very eyes. I am trialling the meds at the moment but it's looking likely I may not be able to tolerate them at the dose I need for them to be effective so not sure where that will leave me. - Yes I do feel better to know (now I have accepted the diagnosis - couldn't get my head around it at first) I am looking at my life very differently now - I just thought I was a monumental fuck up who couldn't seem to do the stuff everyone else found easy. I thought I was a loser, now I know my stengths and weaknesses I'll try to work with them rather than against. what makes you think you are ADHD?

greeneyed I just posted on the I'm Lazy and Childish thread (a bit of an essay!) and only had my lightbulb moment last night.

I know self diagnosis is not 100% reliable but fuck it was accurate when I looked at the symptoms! Have been wobbly and a bit teary as I've been actually so relieved that there is a name for this. Sitting in work now with stuff to finish off so that I can take two days off for a wedding - I could have done this stuff this morning but of COURSE I put it off till now (telling myself that it will be nice and quiet and I will get it done quicker, when really I shouldn't have been on Mumsnet all day!)

Mind you if it wasn't for Mumsnet perhaps I'd go on feeling like this for another 43 years...

How long did it take you from lightbulb to actual diagnosis? Do you still have the arsing dialogue going on in your head or has it calmed down?

Just remembered about 3-4 years ago my hair started thinning and I went for tests (nothing showed up)

While awaiting results I looked up possible causes and prayed it was something to do with my thyroid because it was also associated with depression and I hoped the treatment would help how I felt.

greeneyed Thu 04-Oct-12 09:42:27

Hi onthebottom, I understand thyroid problems can cause similar symptoms. From lightbulb to diagnosis has taken about 3 months but I went private, don't think the GP would have entertained it at all. Basically I turned up at the surgery with a load of evidence and the name of a private psychiatrist I wanted referring to so she agreed to write the letter. she said "you don't look like someone with ADHD" beacuse I was there with my son and I guess she thought if your organised enough to have a family etc - all nonsense of course. It's only recently that it has been proven ADHD persists into adulthood for 60% of children, they only really started diagnosing children in the last 30 years or so, so there will be a whole bunch of undiagnosed adults born in the 60s, 70s 80s etc out there. I would recommend googling adult adhd - there is a UK site something like aadduk which has loads of info on how to get diagnosed, approach the GP etc.

Lostthewilltolive Thu 04-Oct-12 13:02:22

Exactly the same situation. Saw symptoms after following a link on here. Cried with relief that maybe I'm not a complete useless waste of space. This was last year and have seen 2 GP's who keep diagnosing depression and anxiety which I do have but think it is an effect of the ADHD not the reason I am the way I am. Could cry every day thinking about it. Doctors are not interested and one told me today that it's not even proven it exists so back to another type of AD's that will just make my symptoms even more exaggerated sad ssad sad

greeneyed Thu 04-Oct-12 15:57:43

Have a look at this site if you haven't already, gives advice on obtaining diagnosis, what to take to GP etc - have gone private (not that I can afford to) as I know from previous dealings with NHS mental health services it would take years to get anywhere. Be aware though that even if you get a diagnosis privately if you are prescribed drugs and the psyche writes to your GP asking them to undertake a shared care agreement (NHS prescriptions etc) they may not agree or PCT may not fund it. at the moment I am paying £100pm to see the psyche and around £27pm for private prescription - I am having a few problems with the meds so will have to continue with this until we find what suits and other meds will probably be more expensive. I paid £240 for initial diagnostic consultation - I know this can be far more in other areas of the country. for me I'm hoping it will be a worthwhile investment if my difficulties in the workplace can be helped. Nice guidelines which are listed on this site stipulate what's recommended for diagnosis and treatment of adults on NHS, pursue this route but be prepared for a lengthy battle.

greeneyed Thu 04-Oct-12 15:59:53

This is another good site - I've spoken to these guys, their diagnostic services are around £600 I think. they recommend some books on here which might be a good starting point.

booge Mon 08-Oct-12 13:44:13

I've just come back from my gp and have a referal to our local NHS adult ADHD clinic. They tell me I should have an appointment within 3 months. All this and I only had my lightbulb moment after reading the Lazy and Childish thread last week. I went armed with school reports and a long list of how if affects me now and she agreed to refer me.

I too cried when I read the symptoms, if diagnosed it may mean I wasn't the bad, difficult child all my schools had me down as and I may get some help getting on top of my life. I'm feeling relieved to get the referal as I may get some answers.

JugglingWithPossibilities Mon 08-Oct-12 14:02:04

I pretty sure I have attention deficit traits ... disorgnisation, difficulty concentrating especially when people are talking to me, pro-crastination, difficulty starting and finishing tasks, poor awareness of time, rapid mood swings - oh, and going off on tangents. Sound familiar ?!

I've read lots about it since first having my light-bulb moment when reading a parenting book several years ago - and thinking about DD who has mild dyslexia (and possibly some shared traits with me)

I went to a great workshop with "simply well-being" that someone mentioned above (and would recommend them - though didn't know they provided a diagnosis service - that's interesting (though expensive ?))

I talked with my GP about it but he just said "Well, you seem pretty normal to me" - without even asking me about my concerns and experiences ... I ask you ?!!

I think for me it might just be about self-knowledge and self-acceptance. Wish DH was more understanding though - he doesn't have much truck with this sort of stuff sad But hopefully I might be able to meet more other people who feel like I do, and that may be supportive in itself smile

Booge I think the Lazy and Childish thread has been an eye opener for a few of us!

Spent a couple of hours online this evening and have created a doc with loads of online test results/links/thingies to bring to the GP (didn't go last week as I was away - plus a bit of procrastination... smile )

One suggestion was to keep a diary of ADHD type behaviour, I am starting that in the morning.

I redid a couple of the online tests I did last week - and scored higher . I think I'm suddenly realising particular behaviour is ADHD type - e.g. I was saying No to q's about fidgeting - but I pick at my fingers ALL the time. Also I cross and recross my ankles constantly in meetings/under my desk.

MysticMugBug Mon 08-Oct-12 23:04:01

i have ADHD and had a terrible time at school. I am 23 now, but was diagnosed aged 4/5. Uni was really good for me and i was genuinely surprised when they said they'd be happy to help me out and told me the services available.
Unfortunately, my parents never talked about it with me and were not very open minded, so i always thought i was to blame and grew deeply ashamed. After receiving help from the docs as well finding info and strategies, i can finally accept the way i learn and live.
Ps. I couldn't sleep last night because i was really excited about what i was having for lunch the next day... it can be annoying, but they're are ood points such as boundless energy and a maniacal laugh

booge Tue 09-Oct-12 09:36:28

OnTheBottomWithAWomansWeekly - It really has! So many 'that's me!' responses to one thread is unusual. It may turn out to be the most useful thread I've read (while procrastinating). Like you I'm discovering traits I've never thought anything of before, like my habits of picking away at my skin and either butting in or zoning out of conversations.

Going back over my old school reports was utterly depressing, a litany of: could to better, is lazy, is disorganised, is immature, is disruptive, is vaccant, is naughty, is a bad girl. I found it really upsetting but the thought that I might find answers to why it was like that is also quite exciting. Problem is I'm now obsessing about the referral and procrastinating more than ever.

greeneyed Tue 09-Oct-12 10:19:38

Booge so good your GP took you seriously and has referred, good luck with the process.

booge Tue 09-Oct-12 13:57:34

Thank you greeneyed. I will let you know how it goes.

While procrastinating (again smile ) on t'internet I found the HADD website (I'm in Ireland) and they have just had their annual ADHD awareness week. Timing, eh?!

I went to a brilliant presentation about adult ADHD where Dr Declan Quinn and Greg LeMond (3 times Tour De France winner) spoke and they showed a really good film, I'm going to stick a load of links below referred to during the evening.

What resonated was girls tend to be less diagnosed than boys as they are more inattentive than hyperactive - definitely me! I reckon I'm capable of the superfocusing that they covered and that's what has got me through exams and deadlines in the past. Still haven't made the GP appointment but definitely will do so.

ADHD & Loving It - Patrick McKenna
ADHD and Mastering It (followup, coming soon)

Melatonin (apparently sold over the counter) was mentioned as a way of helping to regulate sleep for ADHD'ers.

Canadian site
the US Centre for Disease Control - USCDC

Spark (sorry I don't have the author's name)
"Driven to Distraction"

greeneyed Fri 12-Oct-12 14:15:01

Thank you onthebottom, I'll look into these, I'm reading delivered from distraction at the moment which I think is the updated version of that book, it's okay but not as good as I was anticipating based on recommendations.all a bit anecdotal and I guess my adhd brain wants everything explaining down to a molecular level! I am struggling to tolerate the adhd meds and think the side effects outweigh the benefits at the moment. I'll try something differen but until I'm established on a routine and there are various ones and dosages, I won't be referred back to GP so could cost me a fortune in the end! In the meantime I'll looking at non medicinal strategies etc. Xx

VintageRainBoots Fri 26-Oct-12 22:10:54

I haven't read this whole thread, but I wanted to ask: How much does visiting a private GP cost? Are ADHD meds covered by the NHS, or do they have to be paid out-of-pocket, so to speak?

TodaysAGhoulDay Fri 26-Oct-12 23:47:49

I was diagnosed with ADD when I was about 13, took Ritalin for years, marvellous stuff. I was on it till I was 18, but not since (now 42). I really struggle to concentrate at college or meetings still. I always drift off, then realise 20 minutes later how much I've missed. It's bloody irritating.

toomuch2young Sat 27-Oct-12 00:05:47

Hey I'm a fellow adhder grin. I was never naughty as such but have always had massive problems concentrating. Very lovely, fidgety and always on the go, struggle with sleep despite massive tiredness from exhaustion.
I have lots of problems with staying on task, concentrating on things, can't sit and watch a film, i can however hyperfocus on some things. Can't remember to do daily things but know masses about useless stuff!!
I also have quite severe Tourette syndrome so that kind of over shadows the ADHD. But never the less adhd causes me enough problems in its own right!!
I take clonidine to help with concentration as well as other meds more specifically for TS.
Good to hear about others adult adhders as not something that is usually discussed - being 'naughty child syndrome' after all!! wink

toomuch2young Sat 27-Oct-12 00:06:57

lively damn autocorrect!! though I am lovely as well of course

hullaballooo Wed 26-Nov-14 13:53:21

Get in touch with Unique adult ADHD support group - They can help and answer all your questions about diagnosis, help, support etc. They are based in Surrey but are able to help nationally. Really lovely and friendly girls who run it and really helpful! good luck x

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