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I've just had about enough now.

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Catniss Sat 22-Sep-12 14:59:46

Last couple of days have been a bloody nightmare.

I'm extra extra stressed at the minute and have other illnesses and have just been diagnosed as asthmatic.

I have been so down for the last couple of days that I just want to get my coat on and walk and walk and walk.

Don't see much of DH due to work, and, due to his long hours when he comes in he has a bath and his tea and watches tele or goes on the computer, no conversation or housework etc (which annoys me but I understand).

The house is a mess upstairs, certain rooms worse than others (mainly kids rooms). Kids are constantly arguing, one has a mouth on her, the other just whines and they NEVER pick up after themselves.

Fed up of always feeling not 100% and not being able to put a finger on it.
Fed up of not seeing hubby
Fed up of state of kids rooms, I offered to buy them new beds if they tidied, but, they are still a mess
Fed up of people leaving wrappers everywhere for me to pick up
Fed up of called best friends never ringing me when they say they will
Fed up of feeling like I'm in a black hole
Fed up of feeling shite
Fed up of wanting a drink
Fed up of always being on a diet
Fed up of not sleeping correctly
Fed up of always having to do little things that people see and never do.

I could go on and on and on.

I've tried talking and talking and threatening until I'm blue in the face and nothing changes.

It's safe to say I'm fed up.

Catniss Sat 22-Sep-12 16:36:52


NotTheDaddy Sat 22-Sep-12 19:30:34

I really do empathise. I can feel the anger and frustration coming through what you have written. I think you desperately need a break. A whole day away from home, kids and husband to do something just for you. Can you leave the kids with him on a weekend day? Or can a family member help. You really need some space from everything from the sound of things.

Have you thought about discussing how stressed you're feeling with your GP?

I know it's not very MN but hugs nevertheless.

Catniss Sat 22-Sep-12 20:19:29

Thank you for your reply.

I do have the day to myself at home when DH is working and kids at school etc, but, I always start pottering about, doing odd jobs that the 'Odd Job Fairy' does and then I start worrying about what needs doing so never sett.

As for family I don't have any and the only member of dh's family works.

Its not really as if the kids are tiny, one is a teen and the other 10, if anything, I would say they are harder work now.

I am in regular contact with my doctor and on anti-depressants, I am also having weekly counselling.

I'm laid on sofa at min wanting to go to bed, knowing, that if I do I won't sleep.

I'm also getting more and more annoyed with myself for snapping and snarlying with everyone.

amillionyears Sat 22-Sep-12 20:51:42

hello Catniss.
When a person has a lot of things going on,I try and look for the root causes first.
And the place I always look first is health.
Personally,when I am in pain,then I have difficulty with coping properly with everything else.btw,not having enough heat is another way when everything else seems to start coming apart for me.

Some of the things on your list you probably could cope with if you felt better.

If you have been to the GP about all your health problems,then you many need to wait for a few days until your new medicines become effective.
Meanwhile,what I would do is enlist your DHs help to insist that your kids at least tidy their rooms.
tbh,I think you need a family meeting with all of you,state to them how bad you feel lately,and ask/insist that the kids especially shoulf be helping you out a lot more in the next few days.
That should be a help to get you through the next few days at least.

orangeandlemons Sat 22-Sep-12 21:20:41

Are the ad's causing insomnia?

Getting enough sleep is really important. If I am even 1 hour short I findeverything very hard.

Afsana1 Sat 22-Sep-12 23:06:43

That's exactly how I feel. I was gonna do a post but you've done it for me. I hope you feel better. Why don't you try to have a day off and go away from everything?

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