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Propranolol and TTC?

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Brodicea Fri 21-Sep-12 10:18:33

Hello there,
I have very recently been prescribed propranolol for anxiety (pending a proper referral to a psychologist) but have just started trying to conceive - in fact there is a small chance that I may be pregnant but won't know for another week for sure.
There are really mixed messages out there about the drug and pregnancy - the very tired doctor who saw me an hour late didn't think it was a problem, but she wasn't looking very alert. All the mixed messages are making me very anxious (which helps!) - has anyone out there used it for anxiety and had positive / negative outcome?

sailorsgal Sat 22-Sep-12 08:16:54

You only need to take it when required. I have taken it for years for something else and wasn't never advised not to take it when pregnant. It won't cure your anxiety and hopefully you will maybe get CBT or similiar therapy when you are referred.

I would find a good gentle yoga class where you can learn breathing techniques and meditation/mindfulness though if you are pregnant an antenatal class which you will be able to join at around 15 weeks. smile

TapasGirl Sat 22-Sep-12 14:02:59

Hello, yes I use Propranalol (20 plus years!). When I wanted a baby I thought it would be impossible due to me taking this drug. I spoke to 2 doctors and a consultant before I would even consider ttc as I was so worried. I suffer from servere social anxiety and knew I could not function without this medication.
I did get preganant really quickly and took quite large doses of this drug through my pregnancy under the watchful eye of my consultant.

I was told that in women who have high blood pressure/pre eclampsia they are given very high doses of propanalol duirng preganancy.

Fast forward 14 years and DS seems fine. He was a larger than average baby too.
HOpe this helps.

RoobyMurray Sat 22-Sep-12 14:05:05

yes I was prescribed propranalol in late pregnancy for pre-eclampsia.

Brodicea Sat 22-Sep-12 18:06:51

Thanks all - as you can tell, and have experienced, stressing about this really helps on top of the anxiety wink .
I took one last night before going to meet a few friends and it did take the edge off (i.e. still had worrying thoughts but they didn't develop into the usual full on fear and panic) and I found that not having outwardly-obvious anxiety made me a little more confident in the short term. I am being referred for CBT and have taken up yoga so hopefully I won't need them in the long term.
Thanks again xx

mosi Fri 21-Dec-12 10:42:51

Have you finally gotten pregnant ?
I'm taking this drug (while I'm male but worried about this drug,of couse prorpanolol works great for me)

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