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Panic attacks and lack of appetite shortly after having #3

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feelingfreakedout Wed 19-Sep-12 19:17:17

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but it's a first for me. I don't feel I'm coping well with my new baby even though I've done this twice before. Baby is fine and very relaxed but on top of normal tiredness I keep having panic attacks and am uninterested in food (eating as much as I can though as B/F). I don't feel down as there is plenty I want to do everyday but do feel quite out of control during the attacks and for a little while afterwards. Has anyone any advice? TIA

Mumblepot26 Wed 19-Sep-12 22:29:11

So sorry you are feeling as you are. Ten weeks after the birth of my 2nd DD I went through a pretty horrible time with acute anxiety, that developed in to panic attacks. I went completely off food and lost one stone in two weeks. After a couple of months I was eventually diagnosed with post natal anxiety, put on an antidepressant and six weeks later I felt normal again. Please let us know how you get on.

KiwiWorkingMum Thu 20-Sep-12 04:34:07

hi i had that along with a few other symptoms turns out i had postpartum thyroiditis - it's relatively common and often gets missed as it resolves it self normally - google it and if some things fit go to you DRs, infact go to your Drs but ask for a thyroid test smile could be some kind of hormonal imbalance of a different kind as well. - all the best - let us know how you get on smile

narmada Mon 24-Sep-12 23:50:40

I was going to say get your thyroid checked too smile

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