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paranoid schizophrenia.....and my brother.......all info and support welcomed!

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amillionyears Sun 30-Dec-12 14:24:28

Didnt see it 101. Contact MNHQ and ask them.

101Jo101 Sun 30-Dec-12 11:25:57

Can someone please tell me why my previous message has been deleted? How did it break Talk Guidelines?

Thank you.

101Jo101 Sun 30-Dec-12 01:16:49

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Al0uise Thu 30-Aug-12 08:12:34

RunnerLegs your brother sounds extremely similar to my brother, the only difference is that he won't admit to a diagnosis. I know he takes some type of anti psychotic drugs because he is absolutely awful when he periodically doesn't take them.

Not much help but it's interesting to hear other people's experiences I find.

Crawling Wed 29-Aug-12 09:51:37

I am very sorry about being so late but I only just saw this, I have bipolar type 1(so I have episodes of pychosis) and my uncle has scizophrenia. Firstly my uncle does not indulge in anti social behaviour when he is ill he is unable to leave the house for months and if I visit he is agitated talking to himself having conversations with people who are not there they say horrid things to him and he is very scared by them but no matter how much he tries to hide he cant get away. He asks me help him as they are coming for him, he needs to be talked to very calmly as he is anxious and scared but he has never hurt me while in this state. he cannot go out as he is too scared of people.

He is not dangerous but it is important not to stand over him, avoid eye contact and try not to say anything upsetting like I will call for help or make him see reason (even if he is cutting up his skin because he thinks there are listening devices hidden inside him) as this may cause him to get aggressive (We usually call for help without him knowing straight away and then sit with him till he is helped) limit physical contact and no shouting at him . He has spent most of his life in pychiatric wards or care homes. In his case the treatment he has is anti pychotic injections in high doses every 3 months which limits him becoming paranoid about his meds and throwing them.

If your brother has scizophrenia then only a pychiatrist can diagnose him, if you want him seen again to be sure then you can accompany him to his GP write down any symptoms your brother has and explain to the gp that you would like a refferal to a pychiatrist to find out if he has scizophrenia (if he is diagnosed he should have one anyway) this should be done when he is well and on his terms. If he has a major episode in the meantime then call a ambulance and he will be seen quickly, this is a very serious illness and if there is a chance he has it he should be monitered regurlarly as he may become ill suddenly. Untill he recieves help I would monitor once a week and call a ambulance if you become concerned.

However if he doesn't have scizophrenia then lying about something this severe is a major cry for help, just like someone self harming and he still needs help. Sorry for the essay.

Runnerlegs Thu 16-Aug-12 18:08:32


After years and years of antisocial behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse, violence and threatening behaviour, my brother has told us that he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Does anyone have any experience of this? Sounds terrible of me but we dont know if he really has or is making it up (after endless lies over the years)

I guess I am just looking for any advice/shared experiences/how he would be tested/diagnosed/ treatment and or first hand experience so that I can try to begin to understand it all


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