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Help with sleep problems

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Creole Wed 08-Mar-06 11:43:10

Sorry don't know where to post this!

Please somebody help me, I need a good night sleep.

I have been having sleep problems for a while and it doesn’t seem to go away. I don’t have any problems nor have I got thoughts on my head.

I do sleep when I go to bed but this only lasts for a few hours and I’m up for the rest of the night (eg. Monday was for an hour, Wednesday, 4 hours).

Anyone can recommend any good remedies to help I don’t want to take the sleeping tablets that my doc has prescribed.
I have tried Nytol herbal and exercising but to no avail.


littlelamb Thu 09-Mar-06 21:31:25

Hi I have only just seen this. I have had horrendous sleeping problems on and off since my late teens, and, on reflection, it is always a symptom of a bigger issue. Depression, worry and eating problems all made sleeping almost impossible- when I was pregnant I was at university and none of my family were speaking to me and i swear I barely slept a wink throughout that entire time. More than the physical tiredness, psychologically it's just draining so you have my sympathy. I too was reluctant to take the prescribed pills but the doctor levelled with me and said I was wasting my money on all the herbal stuff - they just didn't work. The most success I have had with being able to sleep again was when I made a really huge effort to make bedtime important. I went to bed at seven pm for a whole week because I finally realised that I really needed it, being overtired was exaserbating the problem. Make sure your bed is a place you want to be, get gorgeous linen, read a few lines before you turn the light off, take a sleeping pill and then thats it - no more activity for the day, just sleep. Sounds simple, but I was staying up til all hours doing nothing in particular and it was not helping at all. Also if you share your bed with your partner,I find it helps to almost ignore them not in a nasty way, but I sleep a lot less well if I am cuddled up to my bgoyfriend, as we tend to disturb each other in the night. Turn your back on the blighter and get some sleep

littlelamb Thu 09-Mar-06 21:33:52

Also, forgot to add, what you eat before bed does make a huge difference when you really listen to your body. I once had a coke before bed (duh!) and i could literally feel my heart racing when I lay down. The best food to help you sleep is a banana, which I thankfully discovered towards the end of my pregnancy!

nulnulcat Thu 09-Mar-06 22:34:03

have you tried reflexology or indian head massage? both are really good at helping you relax and unwind friend of mine had insomnia then a course of indian head and was sleeping loads better afterwards

Creole Fri 10-Mar-06 18:51:43

Littlelamb - many thanks for that. So the herbal stuff don't work then, oh dear, I've just bought Valerian root tablet. Ah, well I'll try that and see.

fluppy Wed 15-Mar-06 15:32:35

Assuming you are not suffering from any illnesses (esp. depression), getting off to sleep OK but then waking usually results from one of the following:
1) alcohol (seems like a good idea because you get off to sleep well, but it results in waking during the night)
2) anxiety (not necessarily extreme anxiety, but can be things like remembering things you need to do, or thinking about how to solve a problem). Put a notepad on your bedside table and write down anything that is on your mind so you can leave it safely until the morning to deal with it.
3)Caffeine - takes several hours to leave your system. You fall asleep because you are exhausted, but it doesn't last. Nicotine is also a stimulant.
4)Discomfort - too hot or cold (does your heating turn off?), noisy (snoring?) partner, old mattress/pillows, too light (thin curtains?).
5) sleep apnoea, where your breathing is disrupted and you are forced to wake (unusual, compared to the above suggestions)
6) napping. Sleeping during the day to 'catch up' can further disrupt your night sleeping.

Anything sound likely?

fluppy Fri 17-Mar-06 11:56:50

Oops - have I killed a thread again?!

How's the sleeping going Creole?

BradD13 Tue 25-Jun-13 15:56:15

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