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Anxiety problem

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TyrannosaurusBex Sat 07-Jul-12 22:17:11

We have some strange emotional reactions when we have a new baby. Lots of women report thinking that they 'hear' their babies crying when they are away from them. Of course, many women talk to their mums about this sort of thing to gain a bit of perspective, but evidently that is not case for you. Do you have someone in real life to talk to about this? Friend, husband, health visitor?

cuthwyn Sat 07-Jul-12 20:20:56

Im really worried about my anxiety. I know its normal to be a little bit clingy when you have a new baby but I think I may be going a bit far

I cant stand the thought of dd being away from me. I had to leave her with sil on Wednesday to take ds to his induction day at primary school and I was in tears the night before and all morning thinking of the prospect of leaving her and spent most of day texting and checking my phone to see if dd was ok and not hungry etc. I was only gone 2 hours!!

Today sil asked dh if he can go over hand move her new washing machine. He took dd with him to give her a change of scenery as she was cranky. He's only been gone an hour and the anxiety is building again.

What if she needs me? I dont know why I just illogically think she will be screaming or sad and no one will give her her back to me

I wasnt like this with ds but my mother was very possessive of him. To the point where just before she disowned me she said that he was her grandchild and was taking him and tried to kick me out of her car and drive off with him. I think this may have had an effect but then Im ok with ds leaving and going places? Hes away this weekend with his dad (my ex) and Im not at all worried or anxious?
I feel guilty as it seems like I dont care about him, which I do with all my heart! I dont know why Im so clingy to dd?

I dont know what to do. I thought letting her go with dh would help, that it would get better but Im exactly the same! I know dh will look after her, the same with sil.
I really need to get a grip and sharpish!! What the hell will happen when I go back to work??
dd is 1 month old

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