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37weeks pregnant and ive been threatened where i live!!

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jadetamsin Sun 29-Apr-12 21:03:25


I werent sure where to post but saw this had alot of viewers so was hoping if i posted here id get some replies....

basically i moved into a shared home (mother and baby unit, nacro housing in Chelmsford). About 6months ago. Since living here ive had SO many problems and ive constantly complained yet nothing was done. The girls i live with are incredibly messy and untidy, also one of the girls boyfriends swore in my face around 3months ago. Money stolen, and an expensive ring and alot more, over the 6months ive complained several times.

Well its now gone way too far. My project worker has started to be nice to me recently as i had to see a phycaragist the other day and ive now been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and they are of course worried about the housing as its where i live that is making me extremely depressed right now. My partner stays with me alot which does help but i feel like im in a prison!

Well, my project worker has decided that i shud get a letter and go into the council with her and push to be housed ASAP.

Since i saw my project worker, things have got alot worse.
its obviously the weekend and shes been off work so i havent been able to contact her

Yesturday night at 12am, the girl i live with who has a 1yr old, invited 2 men from online round and her 16yr old sister. I did say to the girl, this aint fair as its not her house, and we arent meant to have loads of people round, also these men are strangers shes never met!!(she does this ALOT!) that worries me as they are in the house i live in. Well too right i had to worry....After me telling her to get them to leave untill 4am, still refusing, i gave in and went to bed. They all then slept in the front room which is shared, and more than likely had sex etc etc o n our sofas.......which i thought is discusting as this aint just her home. At 12pm today i wanted to go downstairs so i text her and asked if they were in the frontroom, she said ''yeah we are'' i said, well how long for as i want to watch tv.......she said ''I dunno soon...'' Well, the fact that i felt i had to stay in my room in the house i live in upset me.

Then suddenly....they finally went upstairs......half hour later, i was sat in the frontroom with my partner, and one of the boys storms in the room(ive never spoken to him in my life).......he said ''whats ur problem? we aint going, u aint gonna force us'' I said ''well at the end of the day ur not allowed to be here,but whatever leave me alone''.....he replied with ''yeah, well, fuck us off and we will make one phone call and have you sorted straight away, you pussy, we will be seeing you soon''...... then walked out back upstairs and i could here them all laughing.

I left the house 37weeks pregnant. Im now at my mums. and im SO scared to go back there, what if he comes back for me?? hes clearly said he will see me my eyes thats a clear threat...and he knows where i live. my baby will be here in 3 weeks time, I cant risk us getting hurt.

My mum is coming with me straight to the housing association i live with to speak to the boss and my project worker to insist they move me ASAP.

Ive sat and cried all day. I will be going to the council with a letter from my phycharagist and my project worker, my partner, and my mum to insist they move me as soon as possible as its too dangerous for me to be living where i am. Ive since had both house mates message me ganging up. I have medication waiting to take for when the baby is here as my mental health is going down hill quite abit, im crying alot, frustrated, i just feel weak and so unhappy (but yet so happy about baby being born soon....just scared that i cant protect him if i still live at this horrible place)

Will they do something? im soooo worried theyl say tough, go back there or be homeless!!!! My midwife has been informed and has said that she is also backing me and saying the council have to re house me into my own place as another shared home is not suitible with how my mental state has been since living on one. Also my mum wanted me to call the police, but i chose not to as i was worried the boys would have more reason to come back to hurt me...

any advice people!?! sorry this is so long!

FannyFifer Sun 29-Apr-12 21:07:07

You have mentioned the name of the place love, best to get thread deleted and start again with less identifying details.

HorribleDay Mon 30-Apr-12 17:40:23

Phone. The. Police. Now.

Can you stay at your mum til it's sorted this week?

Victoria95x Sat 10-Nov-12 17:09:33

I also live in that unit and having really bad problems too. Is their any other way I can contact you

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