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Any good alternatiives to citalopram where I might actually LOSE weight please?

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doubleshotespresso Mon 19-Mar-12 14:01:07

I have been taking citalopram (a fairly high dose) and was wondering if anybody out there has had a similar experience to me?

Its generally worked in terms of depression/insomnia/anxiety- like many of you I guess- some days are better than others, but I'mnot "on edge" quite so much now...

However, I don't seem to be able to control my weight at all- I have zero energy most days, a walk around the park literally exhausts me to the point of tears and I seem to be craving starchy/high carb foods all the time, which is totally out of character for me normally. I don't have a sweet tooth at all and virtually never eat crap/take-out foods.... I don't eat red meat .... I eat loads of fresh fruit & veg...... I am at my wits end- and now am terrified of going beyond a size 14..... (big for me)

My GP describes it as a common side effect, but didn't offer any solution.

Can anybody recommend any alternatives please? Or any other helpful pointers?

Am getting desperate...............

Xxxxhanxxx28 Tue 28-Jun-16 22:55:55

I did the same I put on 3 stone on citralapam in ,3 years. Then I started drinking tea and thought I'm guna do this it ain't beating me I ate clean drank green tea for energy or pro plus!! And it killed me but I did it I lost 2 stone in a year. And I'm still on 30mg CIT. Not coming g off anytime soon works wonders for my anxiety HSS changed my mental health for the better. Don't let it beat u u can still lose weight u just need to work hard. Trust me!!

nuttymango Tue 21-Jun-16 06:17:37

What sparklingbrook said sad same here and it's pants.

Smithy60 Mon 20-Jun-16 17:55:48

I have been on citalopram for 5 years and have put on 5 stone. Nightmare. Am afraid to come off as they are a miracle for me. Increased appetite and cravings are the worst. Any suggestions would be appreciated

songanddancemum Wed 27-Aug-14 10:44:24

Hello I have just caught up with this discussion and wanted to ask Funnyfishface what happened when she moved to sertraline?
I have been on citalopram for a year and have gained about 1 and a half stone. I am defeated and need a solution. Hope someone had some good experience with their doctors. doubleshotespresso, hope things improved for you.

Funnyfishface Sun 15-Sep-13 23:46:58

Hi kendra

I am only on 10mg of citalopram for anxiety and panic. I have gained 10pounds. I am boiling hot all the time and I suffer with insomnia.
I went back to my gps this week who has changed my meds to sertraline 50mg.
He said that should sort out the weight gain issue.
I am starting a new job (after being sahm for 20 years) so can't take the risk of starting new meds now.
But I have read up and I think that anti dep effect everyone differently. Some people manage to lose weight on citalopram. I am like you tho and carb cravings are through the roof. I definitely am eating lots more. But I just can't seem to stop.

I hope you find a drug that works.

Kendra78 Sun 15-Sep-13 19:57:52

Hi everyone
I know this thread is a year old but I was wanting to know, if their is people who are on citlapram who feel the same. I am on 40mg daily, feel so sleepy all the time, I have very bad cravings for bread etc. when I started the tablets I was a size 12, I am now a size 18-20. Has anyone got any suggestions apart from getting my jaw wired shut as I can't stop eating!! And even when I am really good I still don't loose weight. Has anyone had any luck with changing antidepressants

Sophiedotty Sat 14-Sep-13 15:59:26

I take Sertraline & just 2.5 mg of Olanzapine. I actually list weight when I first took Sertraline. I have been on & off it for 20 years & no weight gain. Olanzapine is notorious for weight gain but my dose is so low it doesn't affect me. I currently take 75mg of Sertraline but have been on up to 150mg. It is the best anti D for me with the least side effects.

Thexfactor2013 Fri 13-Sep-13 11:30:53

Hi I'd just like to say I went on citalapram after losing my dad and going through a messy divorce at the same time I'm on 30mg and they do help they help you a lot when your having a hard time, I have found a little weight gain through a bigger appetite but I actually pushed myself to do a jog round the block a couple of times a week and not a long jog but that did help my weight and trying to eat healthy snacks which isn't always easy but I try and honestly it makes a difference. Hope that helped

noraa Wed 27-Mar-13 08:55:58

hi Tammylynn,
as you can see from the previous messages some people lost weight on citalopram.
so, you can give it a go and see what happens.
good luck.

Tammylynn Tue 26-Mar-13 23:35:24

Hi everyone, I am a newbie and I am curious about Citalpram. I was just today prescribed it, 20mg and I am really concerned about gaining weight. I am already overweght and i am terrified of possibly gaining more. I read that there is some of you who actually lost weight and I was wondering what your MG dosage was. I thank you for taking the time to read my post and also thank you in advance for answering any of my questions.

buterflies Mon 16-Apr-12 14:30:22

Has anything changed now u hav spoken to doctor?

ThatllDoPig Fri 13-Apr-12 23:39:14

Sorry to hear things are so tough. You must be exhausted.
Ok here, although had to see difficult family members today. Thank God for the tablets I say, otherwise I would be under the duvet howling rather than managing to pretend everything is ok.

inhibernation Thu 12-Apr-12 13:06:15


inhibernation Thu 12-Apr-12 13:05:28

I wondered if any of you have had your thyroid tested? Underactive thyroid can cause depression type symptoms and anxiety too. I have subclinical hypothryoidism and started thyroxine when ttc. The depressive symptoms went, I started exercising again and I lost weight. I also find that running or other types of cardio exercise is great for boosting mood - even though the getting there part is hard!

doubleshotespresso Thu 12-Apr-12 12:40:38

Thatlldopig- thanks for your concern- I really don't know what is going on with me at the moment- I have zero appetite and can't settle into any form of sleep at all.

Have been taking the meds as normal but every day is getting harder and harder to keep it together-I feel like I'm shaking inside sometimes and I don't know why..... this just is not me. Doiing all the right things to try and balance things out, you know, I went swimming yeterday and baked cakes for a friends child too- but I am utterly zombified.

Spoke to the GP over he phone yesterday and expalined all this and he said he would be happy to see me again, but still thinks I should stay on the citalopram. I'm now on 60mg. Wish I could stop with ADs alltogether tbh.

Anyway- how are you?

ThatllDoPig Thu 12-Apr-12 09:04:49

How's it going double ? Any luck at the docs? How are you feeling?

doubleshotespresso Tue 10-Apr-12 09:34:21

butterflies thanks for that- no I've carried on throughout the weekend, something must give soon. I have asked to see a different GP this morning- but I am apparently "allocated" mine, I have requested a callback at the end of morning surgery.......

Want to ask for sertraline then I think- gotta keep trying?!

buterflies Fri 06-Apr-12 18:05:18

You need to see a different GP. Whatever you do please do not suddenly come off the anti depressants. You will get withdrawal effects and coupled with the fact you are low already, you will feel bloody awful. Trust me been there done that and its not good!!!
Everybody reacts differently to different anti depressants even in the same type eg citalopram is a SSRI but I have taken different SSRI's and had bad reactions to them. It is definately worth trying sertraline, can't believe the doc wont try. I would push the issue.

doubleshotespresso Thu 05-Apr-12 11:11:42

ThatllDoPig -yes I know you are right- I guess I was just so over it yesterday..... I don't know-will continue for now though yes.

Yes I was really honest at GP's and I told him exactly how low I was feeling (for a good while now) I don't know whether the dose is right tbh- I'm not entirely sure what I need to do, but something has got to change soon....

Thanks for your support x

ThatllDoPig Wed 04-Apr-12 17:50:39

double don't chuck them down the loo. It really isn't fair on your brain to muck about with the hormone levels in a drastic way. You are likely to feel worse than you do now.
Did you explain to your gp how crap you are feeling now? It really sounds like the dose of what you are on isn't right, let alone changing ads.
Cold you go to a different gp and ask for more help?
Its your body, your brain and only you know how you are feeling.
It will pass, and there is the help out there, you need to get more support.

doubleshotespresso Wed 04-Apr-12 15:01:38

Thanks so much Thatlldopig

Funny I asked that too- he said he didn't believe the chance of me seeing positive effects were strong enough to change the prescription

I've been feeling like this pretty much after a couple of months on them and itss now been ages...... am seriously considering just flushing all of them down the loo and doing without- things I don't imagine would get much worse than I feel now..... I don't know what to do for the best at the moment, binning them seems to be my only route out..... I'm too battered everyday to do anything and too wired awake at night to sleep.

It scares me how much these ADs effect me and how crap I end up feeling some days

<despairing sigh>

ThatllDoPig Wed 04-Apr-12 14:25:18

If you still feel the same in a couple of months go back and ask again. What does GP mean 'not worth it' for him or you?!
Only you know how you feel and you can find out a lot on line about the different AD's the GP is exactly that, a general practitioner, he can't possibly be the expert on absolutlely everything.
Hope you feel better soon.

doubleshotespresso Wed 04-Apr-12 11:59:54

Thanks guys for all your contributions to this thread- am so relieve to know it is not just me.

Well I just got back from my GP who has told me that all anti-depressants are pretty much the same in terms of weight gain. TOLD him about this thread and the varied experiences on different drugs, asked if I could maybe give sertraline a go. He said no- because he didn't think it would be worth it?!?

At a total loss now- and zero energy still-feel like the preverbial hamster in its pesky wheel!!

cupoftea I amon 60 mg and have been for some months now..... They are allowed to give anybody under 60 a higher dose. Those over 60 are not due to the new guidelines due to heart/blood pressure complications. Had this confirmed this morning........ I started taking this higher dose before Christmas...

ThatllDoPig Thu 29-Mar-12 15:53:05

I'm on sertraline and am losing weight as it is controlling the anxiety and depression that made me eat and eat previously, and I just don't feel like eating as much anyway. It sorts of numbs lots of feelings and that is comforting, but it does feel like its numbing my appitite too. (Apart from when premenstrual).

buterflies Thu 29-Mar-12 15:36:29

I am on citalopram 40mg and have a DS 3 weeks old. Cupoftea The guidelines have been changed and 40mg daily is highest dose now.
This is a wee bit unrelated but just wanted to say my DS is fine despite me taking citalopram throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.
I don't know if it affects my appetite as I have always loved my food but for me they work so well I would rather be heavier and happy than miserable and thin.
Been on citalopram on and off for years, dont think there is a time limit, if they are not working and you have no motivation, get back to docs and ask for another treatment. Dont suffer in silence!

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