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Looking through glass.

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Dexifehatz Sun 23-Oct-11 23:27:28

I haven't told anyone,but I think my husband and mother may have realised how I feel.I keep going because it's easier than stopping everything to say how low I feel and the fact that if I didn't have kids[13,6 and 2] then I would just not carry on.But I must not be completely depressed because sometimes I can smile and mean it and also feel attached in some way.Most of the time I feel like I am in a film or play and I feel aware of people watching me to make sure I am saying the right lines and making the correct moves.That sounds quite stupid but it's how I feel.Maybe I should talk to someone.I feel really tired most of the time,but who doesn't? Who can I talk to first?

timidviper Sun 23-Oct-11 23:31:46

Have you talked to your GP? They are usually the place to start.

I think you should go and tell them as the detachment you are describing could be depersonalisation or derealisation which may be symptoms of depression as can constant tiredness

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