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Tonight it was me 1 - anxiety 0

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madmouse Sun 23-Oct-11 00:10:27

Writing it here as you lot will get this. DH called me up tonight from doing bed time with ds as his boy bits looked all red and swollen. I rang OOH and by the time we had an appointment he had a temp too and was sleepy from being taken out of bed again. Had to be examined, sit around with a bottle round his will until he weed, more examination and home with meds.

And I did fine. I did not panic, imagine the worst, fret myself sick. I thought my rational thoughts and it wasn't that hard to cope.

So pleased - still a bit high. Now hoping ds is on the med soon - it looks awful poor thing.

kizzie Sun 23-Oct-11 17:27:46

Aah good for you madmouse smile.
Hope he is much better soon.

madmouse Sun 23-Oct-11 17:53:39

He has bounced back as only 3 year olds much better today smile

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