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Social problems, fine in crowd but 1:1 difficult

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mellowmist Thu 20-Oct-11 15:26:15

Anyone else find it difficult to make friends? I know many people well enough to have general chit chat with them but seem to find next stage impossible. I have always had close friends through various stages of life, school etc been part of a crowd, but in my 40's now and all this seems to have dried up. See old friends from time to time, but have no new friends that I can go and see or out for with meal etc. People I see at children's activities etc I always chat to them but they seem to have their own busy social lives and finding it difficult to put myself forwards or invite anyone round. Trying to get on with life, take things as they come, but underneath it all am finding it difficult and lonely.

Also I find the talking in groups very easy, but seeing people on my own makes me nervous - sort of afraid that I'm socially incapable! Feeling that I shouldn't focus too much on this in case it develops into a full blown anxiety type thing!

Don't like my children seeing me with no social life, although it is difficult to find time to get a social life (not much money either!). Really envy families who socialize together.

Not sure if this should be in mental health, but it is affecting things!

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