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Anxiety levels through the roof, trying my hardest to fight it :(

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Marne Wed 19-Oct-11 10:53:19

I have suffered from anxiety for years, it is caused by my phobia of vomit and being ill, Doctor gave me anti depressants a few months ago and i have been feeling a bit better. Yesterday i had a phone call from school to ask if i wanted to collect my dd2 as a child had been violenty sick in her class ( dd2 has sn's and when she gets ill we end up in hospital with her so school was worried about her catching a bug), i said 'no' and i let her stay there for the rest of the day and sent her in this morning, usually i would keep her at home for a few days (so this is a hige step for me keeping her at school). I feel so anxious and ill worrying about dd2 getting ill and me getting ill, it would be easy to keep her at home but i feel people with think i am bein OTT from keeping her at home and by letting her stay at home this phobia would be winning (IYKWIM).

I'm pleased with myself for sending her in but am worried sick that she's in contact with a stomach bug, i am shaking, i cant eat and i feel like i want to go and hide under a rock sad. I keep telling myself 'i only need to get to friday then its half term' but i am so worried about getting ill.

Ineversignedupforthis Fri 21-Oct-11 07:33:58

Oh are you? Have you managed through to today ok? Half term in 8 hrs so nearly there.

BeckyBendyLegs Fri 21-Oct-11 08:06:27

Hi Marne I know how you feel. I've got the same phobia as you know (you may remember me having a panic about a sickness bug last Christmas which we did all get to some degree). I hope your DD is ok, you've done really well it sounds, I know how hard it is not to do things that others think are 'OTT' about bugs. I had a big fear recently when a friend of mine had the bug the night after I saw her and then her daughter came here to play the day before she got it. Ugh I hate this phobia. Now it is half term (starts today here) and we're off on holiday for a week, without DH and with 12 other children and 4 other mums and I am really worried one of us will bring a bug with us. The thought of being in a cottage in Wales with a bug is hell to me! But it might not happen, it probably won't. Same for your DD. It probably won't happen. Learning CBT techniques about how to cope in these situations does help a little bit. It's not easy though, is it? Fingers crossed you're all ok xx

Marne Fri 21-Oct-11 17:10:13

Thank you, i made it to friday grin, dd2 woke up thursday with a cold so i kept her at home, a lot of children in her class and the class below came down with the bug, i kept dd1 in school (tried to fight the urge to keep her home), have been anxious all day as dd1 went on a school trip and i was worried that someone on the bus might be sick or worse someone sat next to her (luckily she sat with a teacher on the coach), no one was sick. I feel a little more relaxed now i know its half term and will feel much better in 2 days when i know we will be bug free.

Becky, you are very brave going away with so many children (i would be panicing too), we have just had an invite to a haloween childrens party and i will have to be brave and take the dd's. Hope you have a great (bug free) time.

I remember last christmas well, dd2 had a bug 2 weeks before christmas and i remember talking to you a week later and your dc's getting the bug, i am petrified that this year we will get it again so much so that we are not having anyone over on christmas day as i was so anxious last year about getting ill and christmas being ruined.

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