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Please help me to help my friend! She has bi-polar

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rogersmellyonthetelly Mon 17-Oct-11 06:53:54

my friend has quite severe bi polar, she also has a debilitating physical disability, severe anxiety and drinks quite a bit. All of these things are just part of who she is but it does mean she struggles quite a bit with everyday life. She has just been told she has to move house from her current rent with a private landlord, and is struggling to find somewhere to live as she has 4 dogs. I'm trying my best to support her getting through all of the trauma of moving house, and I know being there as a reliable support is a big help to her, but she really is strugglig to find a house which allows dogs which is within her price range. She can't work because of her mental health and her physical problems, so is reliant on dla and benefits which won't cover a house in a quiet area (her mh and anxiety mean she would struggle on an estate with the kids etc) she also can't cope with buses etc due to her anxiety so needs to be somewhere close to amenities as she is reliant on taxis which are expensive or lifts from me. I really don't mind giving her lifts etc to go shopping but I think she would rather be self sufficient than have to rely on me.
Is there an association which could offer her some help in finding a house? Im clueless about all this as have never rented.

BullyBeefBadgers Mon 17-Oct-11 07:08:57

Didn't want to read and run, bumping for you. smile Is she not entitled to council accomodation? Would it be worth ringing and talking to someone? CAB would be a good place to start actually - they would give you a run down of what her options are and about council properties etc. Good luck x

NanaNina Mon 17-Oct-11 14:22:28

I think in the good old days your sister would have been entitled to council housing, but almost all LAs have contracted their housing out to Housing Associations and of course demand far exceeds supply. Am assuming your sister has already applied for social housing, as she is in a private rent. If not then that is the first step, and your sister may have some kind of priority , given her physical and mental health difficulties.

To be honest I think your sister is going to struggle to find a private let with a dog, let alone 4 dogs! Mind she clearly has as she is in a private rent at the moment. Maybe you have to talk to your sister about the scarcity of housing these days and she may have to part with the dogs. Is your sister having any help from Adult Social Services given her difficulties - if not then maybe they should be involved to carry out an assessment and might have access to more suitable housing given her health problems. Mind I am not too sure about this, as all LAs as you probably know are having their budgets slashed by this awful government, and in April, LAs will be forced to reduce Housing benefit which is going to present more difficulties.

Yes CAB could be the first port of call and also SHELTER are a specialist housing support. You can find your local one by googling.

ThatsNotYours Thu 20-Oct-11 21:43:11

Any use? Best wishes x

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