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Please help with advice of how to approach this situation

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SensitiveNC Sat 15-Oct-11 06:09:10

I have NC for this as some of the people involved are MNetters. I have also changed some details.

We have quite a strong history of depression and bipolar disorder as well as eating disorders in the family, especially on my mum's side. My brother and I work for our father in a family manufacturing business, the long term plan is that we will inherit the business. We also have sister who does not work in the business (but she will also inherit)

Recently my brother has started behaving strangely. He has had a similar (but not as severe) episode about 9 years ago. He is full of ideas which are slightly strange, sleeping very little, feels extremely stressed at home and at work, feels persecuted, believes that the reason we are not following his suggestions for the business is due to a lack of leadership from my father and that there needs to be a leadership change (i.e. he needs to be in charge).

On a personal level, he is engaged to a lovely woman who has a six-year old daughter but she has voiced (to my sister, we are not very close) concerns absolute their compatibility. Things seem rather stressfull at home too, SIL-to-be is a 'stressy' type of person though and there may be an element of them winding each other up, iykwim?

Anyway, we are concerned that this might be a manic episode. My sister and I have tried to talk to him gently about things and suggest that he goes to see the his GP, but of course he feels that he is totally fine, and in fact it is us that have the problem.

He threatened to take time off work (we are having a hard time at work and do need everyone to be fully functioning, I am about to go on maternity leave too!) but instead of reacting the way he expected us to, by begging him to stay on we agreed that it is best for him to take time off for rest and reflection.

Problem is, that I don't believe that a week at home will resolve anything.

How do we approach this situation to help him? I know he needs to go in to see his GP for a work up and a referral but how do we convince him to go without alienating him? Please help, I am really concerned for him and his fiancée too.

SensitiveNC Sat 15-Oct-11 11:26:48

No one?

NanaNina Sat 15-Oct-11 17:26:01

I think Saturday is a bad day to post SNC - maybe you will get a better response in the week. I am on the MH threads because of depression and anxiety, so sorry I don't know anything about bi polar. It does however sound like your brother is becoming a bit manic - does he take medication - or maybe he has stopped taking it? It's very difficult because you can't make him go the GP but the problem is that people who have thinking disorders do not realise they need any help - sure you already know that.

Think your brother's gf needs support from you and your sister especially as she has a young child to think of. Does she know his history - if not then it is only fair that she does, and maybe she can get him to the GP.

Hope someone with more experience will be along in due course.

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