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Coping Techniques?

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MiseryBusiness Wed 12-Oct-11 21:20:21

I've been suffering from GAD for about 6 years, I went though CBT last summer and was doing really well for about 9 months but in the last 6 months my anxiety has gotten worse and worse and I now suffer with Panic Disorder which is causing me to have moderate depression.

I have been back to my GP about 3 months ago and I am on the waiting list again for CBT which I am really looking forward to as it helped me so much last time but my appointment is still another 3 weeks away. I am at a point where every time I leave the house I have problems with my anxiety and this week has been particularly bad with having full on panic attacks while out and about.

I have stopped using my car as I panic too much, I can go to supermarkets or shopping centres or anywhere like that, it's too much.

Since school went back in September I've had problems with my anxiety on the school runs but this week I've had some scary panic attacks whilst doing the school runs and I am feeling more and more like a failure.

I dont have anyone that can help out as DH is away and has been for a while, he is due back this weekend so that will probably help.

GP offered me medication a few months ago but I said no as I wanted to stick with the talking therapies but I'm feeling like I made a mistake now but with my appointment only being 3 weeks away now I dont think there is much point in starting to take medication now.

My GP did prescribe me with the mini pill Cerazette 3 weeks ago and after looking at some reviews I've seen this has caused women to have depression/anxiety problems and I'm wondering if thats why I'm so bad at the moment.

I just wanted to know if anyone had any good coping techniques when they feel anxiety/panic coming on? I try to breathe properly but I find it quite difficult.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

NanaNina Wed 12-Oct-11 23:45:00

I honestly think you need to see your GP - I wonder why you refused medication - it can be a life saver - was for me and many others on the MH thread. I know the meds only deal with the symptoms of depression and anxiety but at least they "pick you up off the floor" so that you are more able to benefit from talking therapies. There are some very good ADs that work for anxiety too and maybe a combination of meds and CBT will help you.

MiseryBusiness Thu 13-Oct-11 09:47:54

Thanks for your reply!

I didnt want to take medication because at the time it wasn't too bad and I thought I would get an appointment for CBT a bit quicker than I have.

I know it sounds bonkers and I certainly have to weigh up the pros and cons but I hate hate hate taking pills of any sort. I always react quickly and sometimes quite badly to medication so I avoid it most of the time.

I dont want to feel better on the pills while going through the talking therapies, I want to get through the issues I'm having honestly without relying on anything else.

I think I'll talk to my GP about it but he did seem very quick to offer antidepressants but wasnt too quick to offer the CBT, I had to refer myself in the end.

Thanks for you help though

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