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Any other hypothyroid new mums feel the 6 month slump?

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SemperEadem Tue 11-Oct-11 12:41:56

I have an underactive thyorid and have done since 2004. I have a 4 year old ds and a 7 month dd.

About 6 months after my son was born I hit what I can only describe as a terrible slump. Tired, low mood, irritability, getting through each day difficult. I thought I may have pnd but being a first time mum didn't want to admit to it and struggled on for a year. It was a terrible time and caused many problems in my relationship with DH as I just wasn't myself at all. Finally got through it when DS was about 18 months and things started to look up again. Coincidentally, I had been seeing a new gp who annoyingly didn't really understand hypothyroidism and for the past year had not changed my thyroid medication despite my tsh levels being extremely high. My t4 remained largely unaffected andf I think this confused him so he kept the dose static. I saw a different gp who immediately upped my dosage and I started to feel better again. I don't know if this was responsible for the change or whether the hormones just started to calm down again and I felt in control once more.

Fast forward to now, my dd is 7 months and those familiar feelings are creeping up on me. I am under the care of an endocrinologist who has upped my dose as the tsh is getting high again but I don't know if its a thyroid issue or a depression issue as the tsh wasn't that high? Anybody else experience this? Or is it simply that at 7 months post partum, there is a change in our hormones? Have started taking omega 3 and evening primorise oil too. Any advice?

SemperEadem Tue 11-Oct-11 14:27:08


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