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GrownUpNow Mon 10-Oct-11 10:22:36

Bloody hell it's hard. I thought it was hard coping with being mentally ill, but the process of getting well again is blooming draining and difficult.

I'm doing a homework where I have to write a timeline, specifically involving my health as this is an area where I have issues, and it's so tough I feel drained every time I sit at it to write, like living through it again at fast forwards.

I'm feeling really apprehensive about my session today.

Conflugenghoulgen Mon 10-Oct-11 10:31:29

GrownUpNow - If the events that brought you into counselling were difficult to cope with, then I believe counselling is going to be hard too. It isn't a walk in the park - and, as you say, it is demanding. The actress Lily Tomlin got it right, I think, when she said of therapy: "It gets a lot worse before it gets worse." That might not feel like a consolation, but my own experience of it is that it is in the harder times that I have the ability to make the most progress, and during these times the numbness wears off, which can feel painful -- but it is potentially a route to health.

Good luck!

GrownUpNow Mon 10-Oct-11 16:06:03

Thank you. I made it. It was tough, but I have more homework and I am starting to get a feel for what we are doing. We're not doing much work yet as we're still sort of assessing where would be best to do it. Worried 15 sessions may not be long enough now.

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