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Antidepressants - am I expecting too much?

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anchovies Sat 08-Oct-11 14:05:13

I have been taking citalopram (low dose - 20mg) for nearly three weeks. Had a few really good days where I almost felt hyper I felt that good but then things have been all over the place since. I mostly feel tired and sick and generally quite lost however I have this strange feeling of needing to do something, like I am waiting for something to happen? My brain seems to be going crazy but I don't know what to do with myself. Can't read or watch tv, bizarrely keep thinking I should learn to play the guitar or start sewing or something. So is this me getting better? Or should I feel properly better? It's hard because I'm not sure what'd normal for me anymore. I just want to get back on track, running, enjoying my kids etc but it still feels like a long way away.

KatharineClifton Sat 08-Oct-11 14:08:55

I think you are, so far. It takes about 6 weeks for the AD's to kick in properly. And then you may still need a higher dose, which you and your doctor will decide between you.

The AD's just give you space really to work on getting better.

You will get there.

madmouse Sat 08-Oct-11 15:57:55

It's still early days, your body is still getting used to them and they are just starting to work. It looks like you are getting little bits of energy back, so that is good.

cloudsandwind Sat 08-Oct-11 16:08:13

I took citalopram a few years back and it had a pretty horrible effect, like my brain was in the grip of it. It made my brain hyper, thoughts running away, being unable to sleep etc.

Were you feeling like this beforehand or is it the effect of the drug?

ManicPanic Sat 08-Oct-11 22:31:06

Sounds like a temporary side effect - hang on in there and give it at least another few weeks. I know that's easier to say than do smile

If you are still having problems then, go back and nag talk to your doctor. Keep going back until you get better! (And then go back for continued monitoring to make sure you're ok!)

LesserOfTwoWeevils Sun 09-Oct-11 00:16:34

I've tried dozens, for social anxiety/depression, and have just found one that is finally working (Lexapro). By the time that happened I'd more or less given up on any AD working on me.
But then I realised I was waking up feeling cheerful instead of dreading the day. I worry less. I can pick up the phone and make calls without having to spend days psyching myself up. It literally lifts my mood.
It took a good couple of months before I noticed the changes.

anchovies Tue 11-Oct-11 14:56:27

Thanks for all the reponses, still no improvement on my crazy brain and virtually no sleep so feel like a total zombie today. Went back to the doctors this morning who upped the citalopram to 30mg and also prescribed zopiclone (a sleeping tablet) for a few nights. She agreed that it is most likely a short term thing and that it means they are starting to work.

Thanks again for the encouragement, it really helps.

NanaNina Tue 11-Oct-11 17:55:01

Hi Anchovies - just a word about zopiclone for sleep troubles. GPs will only prescribe a few at a time as we can become dependent on them quite quickly. I have been prescribed them last year when I was having trouble, and I cut them in half and found the half dose knocked me out very well, so just thought you might like to try half first and if it doesn't work obviously you will need the full does.

Hope the citalopram start to be beneficial soon.

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