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re posting thread i put on parenting teens, need advice!!

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koolaroo Thu 06-Oct-11 23:50:18

I am really concerned about my ds and wondering if anyone has had anything similar. He has been under camhs for a few months now because he couldnt seem to control his temper and did random stupid things, disrupted classes and got into trouble most days. They were assessing him for ADHD but over the last month he has become less agressive but become increasingly paranoid and he is convinced people are out to get him. He has had quite a lot of visual hallucinations (patterns, bright colours, spiders everywhere,explosions). He says he feels like he is falling sometimes and they have just given him an EEG yesterday and he has an MRI scan at the weekend but Im really worried because although they have said that they need to rule out epilepsy, these scans have come through urgently and Im terrified that they think its something really serious. The consultant said results for EEG usually come through in about 3-4 weeks, yet we are gettin results for his next week and im worried its because they think its something serious but havent told me. Has anyone else had a child with any of these symptoms?

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