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Has the diet and exercise lifestyle advice made any difference to your depression?

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mulranno Wed 05-Oct-11 11:39:42

Just wondering as I often use this as a big stick to beat myself with.

Reading this book and completely giving up white carbs and sugar, made a massive difference to my recovery.

Excercise does help alot too.

NanaNina Wed 05-Oct-11 12:49:12

Diet - no (reasonably healthy though too many carbs)

Exercise helps a bit on bad days - just a stroll through the park or local wood. Swim occasionally

Don't beat yourself up about this mulranno (remember you from another thread) I have rows of good days and rows of bad days at fairly frequent intervals though far more good than bad, but I think I have to resign myself to this is how it is going to be.
My best friend is convinced that therapy will help but I'm not. Had CBT and when I am feeling ok it sounds ok but when feeling shit, I can't always be bothered with it (negative thinking I know) Also seeing psychologist on NHS but she has been off sick for 3 weeks (hope not with depression!)

Think the trouble is we sufferers of depression are all so different and ADs don't work the same for everyone. I see wildthings above links a book that made a massive change to her - I looked at the book and felt frustrated so there you go.............In essence I don't think any of the medics know enough about brain disorder and everyone has different takes on it. Wish there was more research on it............maybe in 100 years time!

ManicPanic Sat 08-Oct-11 22:38:33

I think we're all so different - for me, I do yoga and / or meditation every day and some exercise (swimming / walking / pilates) but if someone else tried my regime it might just make them miserable! Don't make it another thing to 'fail' at. I started doing meditation, because, to be honest, all I had to do was sit there - and that was about the most I could manage at that time. I'd shuffle about a bit, scratch my nose, try to concentrate on being relaaaaaxed for about 1 minute and then bugger off downstairs for a cup of tea. wink But eventually I was able to calm my mind and sit there for longer and longer - I've found it fantastic for calming anxiety and stopping negative thoughts. I find it much easier to control what I think about - if that makes sense - because I have been exercising that mental muscle, iyswim.

Plus I'm hoping the pilates will give me a hot ass.

NanaNina Sun 09-Oct-11 13:28:39

Hi MP - can I ask how you started on meditation - sounds like you do it at home. Did someone teach you or did you just getit from a book or DVD. I did start going to yoga and she did start talking about meditation. Unfortunately when it was time to enrol this Sept I was having a really bad row of awful days (10 in all) where I didn't want to get out of bed never mind go to yoga.

Sorry Mulranno - think I am hi jacking your thread but we might both learn soemthing about meditation on here.

divedaisy Mon 10-Oct-11 22:54:35

diet and exercise.... hmmm I hate thinking about food. if someone tells me not to eat something then I'll crave it! so I TRY to eat sensibly, but tbh it's the last thing I need is to feel more stress over a therapeutic diet... i could do with losing a stone, but i'm a size 14 and can pull my jeans down without opening them loL!!! I dont really beat myself up over it.
as for exercise I do try. I try to go swimming on Mondays and Weds with Body Combat class or swimming on a Friday. Problem is I don't 'feel' the exercise high that I used to... I use exercise really to structure my week and to give me some Me Time and to get out of hte house for a few hours and to try to meet new people and socialise... so there's quite a few angles on how good exercising can be. It also help to keep dh off my back about 'healthy body healthy mind'....

purplewerepidj Mon 10-Oct-11 22:58:54

I'm managing mine with diet (just healthy, making sure I eat fruit and veg) and exercise.

The bits that have helped the most are losing a stone and a half (the meds were making me put on weight, so most of what I've lost is from stopping them) which has boosted my confidence and making friends at the gym and ballet class. I'm also seeing a lot more of an old friend who has just had a baby because we try and swim together every week or two.

I still have bad days, but after four months off medication they are becoming less frequent.

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