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ADHD DH has got marching orders

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littlesue Wed 28-Sep-11 09:52:38

The day I've been dreading has arrived and DH has been told he will be "fired" although not those exact words (this is not the apprentice). Not all his fault - the working environment was very adhoc with no structure and constant change, few guidelines etc, which does not work well with ADHD. He said it was a relief. I told him the job wasn't right for him as his background was different from everyone else from the dept and they knew that but did not provide good support. Basically, they wanted him to be a self-starter which is fine if you came from a similar job. I could tell he was struggling with it although trying his best.

What happens with references? What do you tell prospective employers about your previous job and why you left? He wants to work so will look for something else. Should he be upfront with employers and say he has ADHD? I advised him not to disclose it as employers make a lot of noise about equal opportunity and being inclusive etc but in reality they want someone who can do the job. I guess in the meantime, I should look at what he is entitled to benefits wise - something we have not claimed for in the past. Luckily I work full-time in a good job so can cover the bills etc.

It would be great to hear success stories of people with ADHD in employment.

maddy68 Thu 29-Sep-11 21:13:31

I have ADHD but I manage to hold a teaching job down - it is REALLY hard to organise etc but actually when you have ADHD you have to work twice as hard!
My son has it too and he really stuggles to hold a job/course down.
no real answers to help you but just to let you know it is sooooo difficult

littlesue Fri 30-Sep-11 18:56:00

Do your colleagues know you have ADHD and did you declare it when they hired you? Is it better to be honest or do employers run for the hills!

maddy68 Sun 02-Oct-11 20:29:53

yes they know - they cannot discriminate

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