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mulranno Mon 26-Sep-11 14:50:19

I know that my depression has stunted my career at many points so that I am nowhere near where I should be in my career wrt my have you adapted your expectations or working life manage depression?

philnteds Mon 26-Sep-11 20:54:49

Panic attacks stunted my academic 'career' i really wanted to do a Master's Degree/become a Lecturer but started having Panic Attacks my second year of university. I have low self esteem as a result of the PA's and various family issues BUT after having my DS i have a new found confidence so i am pursuing a different career....I am hopeful for the future....and possibly more study 20 years down the line from first attempt at study...
That was wordy did that answer your question/ or help in any way? MH issues have definitely impacted my career i only took jobs that i was convinced wouldn't stress me out when in fact i am capable of more.

mulranno Tue 27-Sep-11 12:58:11

philnteds ... think that your comment about taking jobs that wont stress you out is interesting - do mainly do issues and crisis management - so clearly I am in the wrong job for my temperament.

philnteds Tue 27-Sep-11 22:34:43

Crisis management? Hmm in what field? Excuse my ignorance. One thing that I have learned is that frustration seems to trigger my panic attacks. So doing a job that didn't stress me but bored me senseless triggered more attacks and more MH problems. My big problem in life is that I never did what I wanted to do career wise and made my choices to either please others or fulfill other's low expectations

mulranno Wed 28-Sep-11 11:24:15

Healthcare....same with me doing job to keep others happy

philnteds Wed 28-Sep-11 17:23:31

So what would you like to do and what is preventing you from doing it?
ps feel free to PrivateMessage me....i have been thinking about going into healthcare so would love to hear what you have to say!!!

Rumplestiltskine Wed 05-Oct-11 20:06:22

I had a breakdown halfway through my A-Levels, so my results weren't as good as they should have been, and I had to massively lower my goals regarding which unis I applied to (wanted to go to one in the top 5 or 10, am now at a very mediocre one). I've always wanted to travel, but at the moment my anxiety is stopping me from doing that (maybe this will change one day)... in fact, it's basically stopping me from doing anything fun. I feel that I lost my teenage years to depression, and now I fear I'm losing my 20s as well because I'm too scared and miserable to make the most of them.

Earthdog Sat 08-Oct-11 20:15:06

I thought it was just me! Sad stories. I went to a good (Grammar) school where going to a good uni was expected, but I could see no point in life & thought I was going to die young anyway, so dropped out of A'levels and just did a succession of low paid jobs I didn't enjoy. Still in a rubbish job now, but studying to get a degree, 20 years on. I am less screwed up than I was. I wouldn't have travelled when young, Rumple, but got better at that & like to travel now. I don't think my temperament would let me do a 'good' job though, as I still have no energy/enthusiasm for anything job related. I have thought about faking it (enthusiasm) but I don't think it would work/be fair. Good luck everyone.

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