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I cant cope any more

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IWantWine Fri 23-Sep-11 02:36:11

I cant deal with my life any more.... I dont want to wake up tomorrow... I know I have to but I really wish I wasnt going to.

Tianc Fri 23-Sep-11 02:43:40

Just on my way to bed, but have a brew with me before sleep?

IWantWine Fri 23-Sep-11 02:50:42

you are so kind..... I just feel so alone. I have no one to help.

Tianc Fri 23-Sep-11 02:57:08

Help with something in particular? Or just Life? It's a tricky bugger, that Life thing.

<passes IWantWine late night biscuit>

IWantWine Fri 23-Sep-11 03:02:43


I so desperately want to start divorce proceedings but I am so scared of the repurcussions... and I just feel so alone. My whole life is a mess. I know it has to get worse before it gets better. I just need a hug!

Tianc Fri 23-Sep-11 03:04:56

((((( IWantWine )))))

But don't tell anyone, I'll be drummed out of MN shock

Tianc Fri 23-Sep-11 03:07:36

Why not start a thread in Relationships? There are so many wise people there who will understand exactly what you're going through (alas).

IWantWine Fri 23-Sep-11 03:11:32

aww smile


You know what it is like, problems always seem bigger in the middle of the night!

I just wish they would invent a 'paracetamol' for emotional pain. Or even a sticking plaster would help right now.

smile thanks. I dont feel so alone now. I will try and get some sleep. I dont want to keep you away from your bed any longer smile

Tianc Fri 23-Sep-11 03:13:54

Heh, my laptop battery is also heading for sleep!

Night, and hope we both get some good rest...

IWantWine Fri 23-Sep-11 03:17:27

Night... sweet dreams smile

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