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Depression coming and going

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Bootcamp Sun 18-Sep-11 22:24:18

I've had depression on and off since my teens. At present i cab be depressed for a day o two then it passes.

It seems to occur mostly at weekends at present. I feel so guilty as this is when dd1 and dd2 are mostly at home. I am trying to work out what is triggering my low mood. I think it might be, my dh and my 3 daughters are all at home and I feel pressured to have family time.

Also it's same old same old, childcare ad housework. Dh is good with dd's, he does help with housework but all the tidying up is down to me really.

I quite often feel achey, lethargic, tired, no motivation, I just want to sleep all day. Feel like a crap mum when I'm like this.

Arrgh, what can I do?ŷ

NanaNina Sun 18-Sep-11 22:58:34

Have you been diagnosed with depression Bootcamp and if so have you been prescribed ADs. and have they done any good. If you haven't been diagnosed, then I think you need to see your GP especially as you say your have been depressed since your teens. Do you know what might be the cause - eg. childhood trauma of any kind.

Your description of how you feel at weekends (lethargic, tired, no motivation, wanting to sleep all day) certainly sounds like depression. Are you a perfectionist by any chance and want everything very clean and tidy.
Do you work during the week? Just wondering what sort of lifestyle you have really.

Bootcamp Mon 19-Sep-11 12:28:43

Hi nana,

Yes I was diagnosed with depression after the birth of my third daughter and put on ads for about 18 months. I. Stopped taking them about three months ago. I still got depressed on ads but it's more frequent now.

Had an abusive childhood. Not a perfectionist, no but do have a sense of being out of control at weekend because dh there. No I don't work but I feel ok if I'm in control and in charge for some reason. Odd. Still get depressed during week but very mld, too busy?

NanaNina Mon 19-Sep-11 16:14:09

Hi Bootcamp - do you think you maybe came off the Ads too soon, or did you reduce to quickly. Seems there may be a link between coming off the meds and your depression which you say is more frequent now.

Have you ever had any counselling/therapy to re-visit your childhood traumas, if not then you really do need to as your depression could be linked to your past abuse.

You say you feel out of control at weekends because DH is there - why does you DH being there make you feel out of control - is he a perfectionist or is there some other reason that you feel out of control when he is around.

Would you consider going back on meds again?

Bootcamp Mon 19-Sep-11 17:40:32

Possibly right about the meds, unfortunately I have recently been diagnosed with a medical condition which can be trigger by a number of drugs including the one I was on although doctors think I get the condition from coldsores.
I'm now wary of taking any ads.

Had one con selling session bu found it unhelpful.

He is not a perfectionist. I think perhaps the depression creeps in when I can t my guard down because dh will do at least he childcare and a bt around the house. So I relax, maybe?

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