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How do you know if you have social Anxiety?

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LittleMissProcrastinator Wed 14-Sep-11 21:44:41

I always feel really awkward when I'm in a social situation, especially if I'm with people who I don't know. I seem to feel like I'm panicking inside but I try not to let it show too much on the outside but I'm sure people must think I'm a bit odd. How can I stop feeling so anxious?
If I'm having a bad day I sometimes feel like I don't want to go out.
Don't really want to go on any meds as I'm on Iron tablets for anaemia at the mo.

kerstina Thu 15-Sep-11 13:53:05

I feel the same and also find how i feel depends on my monthly cycle I honestly feel like not having to speak to people somedays and have to force myself out of the house. Other times I can feel quite sociable and chatty. I really envy people who are confident in social situations. I took seroxat years ago and that really helped. I find getting out in the sun helps me feel more relaxed too. Inbox me if you want sounds like we have a lot in common !

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