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Is this a panic attack or just stress?

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whatsallthehullaballoo Mon 12-Sep-11 11:33:36

I have been under a lot of stress recently with financial issues, being posted, losing my self-employed work due to moving (armed forces), marital stresses and family problems. I have been dealing with things ok but I binge-purge often and it has been the only way I have coped (although I suppose that is not coping).

Over the last few months I have been very short tempered and today I was at a coffee morning and and I felt out of breath, I couldn't concentrate, I was trying to hold back tears, I was hot and flustered, couldn't focus and just felt like running out and jumping in front of a car or something. I have had enough and feel so trapped at the moment. i have no way out and no where to go. I want to lock myself in the house for the rest of the day and cry. I cannot imagine going to doc about this.

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered Mon 12-Sep-11 11:41:10

I think you should go to the doctor, it sounds like a panic attack. Try a walk in the fresh air. Hope you feel better soon.

madmouse Mon 12-Sep-11 12:50:57

Yes that's a classic panic attack, which means it's very annoying and in itself totally harmless. It's a fairly normal reaction to stress caused by breathing too deeply and/or too quickly. There is no need to run to the doctor about it as it doesn't do any harm, but it is concerning that your stress levels are so high that you are B&P and having panic attacks. The question in your title is not helpful - panic attacks are an expression of stress, they are not two separate things.

This level of stress is not sustainable in the long run and you would do well to consider what needs to change and to get the help of the doctor with that if needed.

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