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Supporting bipolar sibling and his family

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Yourefired Sun 04-Sep-11 00:30:47

hello hope someone can help. My DB has been sectioned and appears to be severely manic, we are awaiting diagnosis but bipolar type 1 has been mentioned. We as a family are doing all the "right things" but I would appreciate someone with experience of this illness giving some guidance as to how to best support him, his DW and two DC aged 14 and 11. I am new to this illness and these are the things I'm struggling with:
1. When talking to him do I humour his delusions, just listen to them, or correct them?
2. What do we tell the children? My gut instinct is to tell a positive version of the truth? Any tips?
3. What is the best way to support my lovely SIL? We are obviously there for her to talk to and help with practical stuff, but it is probable he will loose his job over this, what do we need to do to get her benefits? I assume he will be eligible for DLA but could she also get carers allowance or other support. Also is there a good support network, MIND?

Sorry for late post, can't sleep for worrying about my beautiful brother.

CHC3 Sun 04-Sep-11 21:24:34

My DH has bipolar 1 and was sectioned a few months ago. We've all come through it and he is well again now - so stay positive that things will get better. I found lots of support available through the hospital. Ask if they have a carers liaison worker as they can do a carers assessment and advise on benefits. We also got referred for family therapy which helped us deal with some of his behaviour while ill.
The delusions q is a tricky one and Drs have told me different things. I think it depends on how improbable they are also also if your DB knows that he is ill. My DH has mostly responded well to gentle encouragement to reconsider some of his delusional thoughts.
No advice on what tell the children I'm afraid as mine are very small. My instinct would be honesty. if your DB is diagnosed with BP1 it will be part of their lives and they need to know how to deal with it as family.

Yourefired Mon 05-Sep-11 21:28:20

Chc3 thank you. Things are moving forward - delusions on the wane and sleep back under control ( thank you Nhs). Good to hear your positive advice, just what I needed.

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