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Discharged too soon just need to stress a bit

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HotFuzz500 Sat 03-Sep-11 01:11:48

I was diagnosed bipolar 10 years ago and have had real problems getting it under control. I have tried loads of combinations and doses of meds and treatments and have still been having 3-4 episodes a year (mania and depressive).

Anyway 7 months ago I was in a manic episode and was sectioned after acting like a complete loon for several weeks accumulating in me sitting on my parents roof for 10 hours in the rain. I felt like I was getting somewhere in the hospital and have felt really stable for about 5 months (longest time since diagnosis) I was sort of pressured into coming out of hospital on a community treatment order cos my parents were struggling with my 10 month old daughter and she would have ended up in care (dad not in the picture). Things is I have been out for 2 weeks and have noticed my sleep is becoming really eratic and this is what happens before i go into a deppressive. I think I came out of hospital too early but was petrified of my daughter going into care and now i just feel like a failure cos if i start feeling depressed i will be no good to her. I have also recently found myself thinking i was wrong to have her cos i can barely look after myself at times never mind her. I just dont know what to do...

blox Sat 03-Sep-11 02:15:14

I'm sure you're a great mum when you're well so the priority needs to be your stability. Have you spoken to your psychiatrist about your concerns? Do you have a CPN?

Have you tried additional ways of keeping your moods in check? You know, routine, exercise, no stimulants?

Sleep is really important (says me awake at 2am). Can you relax with headphones and music or something?

Sorry you feel you were released from hospital too early but is it possible for you to recreate the conditions at home? Or do you feel yourself under pressure to be a good mum to your DD? Are your parents understanding of your condition?

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