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Treating depression with hormones?

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deliakate Thu 01-Sep-11 20:53:31

Does anyone have any insight into this? Experience, views?

After my first child, I visited a doctor in Wimpole St who has been using hormone therapies for depression in women for many years. He has lots of theories about why its not the first line treatment for the NHS (money, mainly). I have to say, I did see improvements, and I didn't get the side-effects I've had on ssris in the past.

I'm thinking of going back on the treatment - it was Oestrogel, which is just oestrogen, I think. Interested in what others think about the area?

madmouse Thu 01-Sep-11 21:08:54

Interesting and I would not dismiss it out of hand, however most female hormone treatment tends to come with cancer risks attached and I would also assume it messes with any plans for family expansion.

deliakate Thu 01-Sep-11 21:14:02

I stopped the treatment and got preg with my second child 2 months later, so it doesn't affect future fertility etc. I think once you stop, your own hormones take over again - or at least mine did, they are very powerful, I think!

But yes, the lining of the womb can become very thick on treatment, which is the main cancer worry, I believe.....

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