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Feel like the Grand old Duke of York - advice much appreciated

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Chicinwellies Wed 31-Aug-11 21:09:18

....yes, when Im up Im up, and when Im down Im definately very down. Hv been feeling like this since having had my second daughter, but as she is now approaching two I feel I need to do something about it. There seems no middle ground with me, I am one extreme or another, and looking back may well have always been this way. When I am down I get angry, and impatient, and when I am up I feel elated about the simplest things.

Twice I have gone to my GP and both times hv been told it is because I am tired, and its just one of those things, but I feel it is more than that.
Can anyone here relate to these feelings and do you have any suggestions as to what may help? I have even tried private counselling which revealed little, and am wondering now if there is anything medication wise that might just be able to help level things out if that makes sense and help me feel more 'stable'. Sorry for the essay, and hope to hear from you. Im not sure where else to turn.

natsyloo Wed 31-Aug-11 22:02:33

Hello there, just wanted to reply to ask a little more about your symptoms and how you've articulated this to your GP.

If you're concerned that you might need more support I would suggest you go back but really try and articulate how it affects you and the thoughts/feelings you have.

I had severe PND after my DS was born but there was little contrast in my mood - it was mainly major anxiety and low mood. I think it's worth you really trying to be specific about the way you feel and the impact this has on your life. The Edinburgh Scale is used by health visitors to assess PND but not sure if that would pick up on potential bipolar which is characterised by contrasting high and low moods. Also, am clearly not a GP so don't want to misdiagnose but that would be the potential conclusion from your thread.

Good luck :-)

madmouse Wed 31-Aug-11 22:06:04

Just to say that bipolar, possibly rapid cycling, was what jumped into my mind too. But it's hard enough to diagnose by health professionals and I'm not one of those, just know a bit about MH from study and work. Could you push your GP for a referral to a psychiatrist?

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