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Greetings from Blipville...

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natsyloo Wed 31-Aug-11 20:11:30

Hello all,

I've posted on here lots and am recovering from a severe bout of PND after the birth of my DS last August.

Generally speaking I've been doing really well - completed a course of CBT in April, went back to work and my PND group is going from strength to strength.

All good until I experience a blip. I've had a couple in the last few months and am on day 4 at the moment. Am still able to go to work and perform well in my job - in fact it's a great distraction and focus for me.

The problem is I find it really hard to get out of introspective mode, constant thought loops and analysis of how I feel. I know from experience that this fades as the blip lifts but find it hard to manage when am in the middle of it.

When I'm distracted I'm fine, but as soon as I'm alone with my thoughts I start focusing on my anxieties and have some really profound and philosophical thoughts about life, its meaning etc. I also sometimes have a sense that things aren't real (I think that's called depersonalisation) which I find really unsettling. Sometimes I think the enormity of being a mum has spurred me to think like this but I'm not sure.

When those thoughts lift I'm fine but I wondered if anyone ever experiences the same and can give me tips of how to deal with it? CBT teaches me to just observe the the thoughts and not engage with them. Are there any other ways of dealing with it as this is really hard to do sometimes.

Any advice would be gratefully received to stop me feeling like a total loon!

natsyloo Thu 01-Sep-11 15:29:58

Sorry to do a gratuitous bump - I had a rubbish night last night - pure insomnia and constant whirring thoughts. Come to work today on literally two hours sleep max.

A friend of mine suggested mindfulness but I find it really challenging when am in mid thought-spin.

I know patience and less panic/analysis is probably the key - but any other advice please?

madmouse Thu 01-Sep-11 16:41:06

Hi natsyloo - last night I tried 3 times to type something useful in response to your post and erased it - because you are so clued up yourself that you know everything i could think of to say.

Two steps forward one step back is I think the only sensible thing I can say! xx

natsyloo Thu 01-Sep-11 16:47:52

I think you're right. Accepting that formula is probably the way forward and remembering that recovery is not necessarily a straight line.

Thanks for your response - will be thinking of you if am pacing the house in the small hours!

Look after yourself x

madmouse Thu 01-Sep-11 16:55:52

anothe thing - mine was PTSD rather than depression, but I felt improvement was in number of better days rather than feeling better over all IYSWIM

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