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*Maddie* - where are you???

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NanaNina Wed 31-Aug-11 12:30:42

Dear Maddie - I keep thinking about you and wondering how you are, as haven't seen you on the boards for a long time. I know you were out of hospital and trying to make a go of it at home......would love to hear from you - whether you are good or crap at the moment - another blip but that's the nature of the beast isn't it. Love NNxx

maddie04 Sat 03-Sep-11 16:40:51

oh nananina so sorry not been on here spend half my time spaced and the other half sleeping im back in hospital again as home didnt go to plan will i pm you my mobile no so we can keep in touch x x x hope you are ok and think of you lots too x x x xx

NanaNina Sun 04-Sep-11 22:55:35

Oh Maddie - so glad to hear from you but SO sorry you are back in hospital - to be honest I did wonder if you had been discharged too soon. Don't be sorry that you are not on MN. Yes pm me your mobile number but to be honest I'm not great with my mobile - I forget to charge it up, lose it, leave it in the car and generally never really took to it. But if it's a way of keeping in touch I'll try to manage it better. Thinking of NNxxx

kizzie Mon 05-Sep-11 16:07:42

Hi Maddie - just wanted to say hello. Hope they are looking after you well and everyone is being supportive x Its always good to hear from you but dont feel under any pressure to post. Take Care ! xx

NanaNina Tue 06-Sep-11 23:44:38

Hi Maddie and Kizzie - how are you doing Kizzie cus you were blipping last time I heard from you. I have been in and out of a blip for about 10 days - so never know what tomorrow will bring. I am seeing a psychologist on the NHS and she is very nice, very credible. Thing is I don't think she believes that blips are any different from ordinary "off" days that everyone has. She has asked me to think of a new name for blips, but actually I think she is trying to re-frame the blips into something more ordinary and they are qualatively different from just "off" days aren't they and it's only people who experience them that understand this.

Maddie - hope you are as comfortable as you can be in hospital. Sounds like they are leaving you to sleep in you want to - when I was in hospital last year they disapproved of patients going off for a sleep, but I did all the same.

Take care and love to both of you.............NN xx

kizzie Wed 07-Sep-11 11:00:42

Hi NN - Im doing ok thanks. Had a few weeks without blips which has been a blessing.

I totally agree that blips are completely different to normal 'off day's. It sounds as though you like her though apart from that so hope the sessions are useful. Take Care.

kizzie Wed 07-Sep-11 11:00:54

ps. Hi Maddie

NanaNina Wed 07-Sep-11 13:44:06

Maddie - hope you don't mind Kizzie and me using your thread to have a chat. You know are both thinking of you and wishing you well, and we are of course talking about depression and anxiety. Kizzie glad that you have had a few weeks without blips - you are so right it is a blessing when this happens. I recently went 6 weeks and 5 days blipfree and that was the longest time ever, so stupidly I began to get optimistic, but the end of Aug saw the blips blown in again. The pattern has changed again, so durin first few days of Sept I have been ok on some days and not others and have changed during the day - mornings crap and feeling better as the day wears on. Oh what fun these bloody blips are - never knowing what tomorrow will bring!

Maddie - hope the hospital routine and not having to think about anything is of some help to you. It was for me, even though it also irritated me because the staff only wanted to talk to you when you were having an ok day and other times either ignored you, or said something like "oh well you might have a better day tomorrow"..........I was even told by one stupid nursing assistant to "pull myself together" - I told the ward manager and she came and spoke to me privately and apologised about this and said she was appalled that x had said this to me and assured me the matter would be dealt with, as this was the 3rd time x had said this to patients. Hope there is no one like that on your ward. Love NNxx

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